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M3GAN Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More

M3GAN is an American Horror movie. The director of this movie is Gerald Johnstone. M3GAN Movie Main Cast is Amie Donald and Kimberley Crossman. M3GAN is very popular movie. What people would love to see. You can know the M3GAN movie release date, cast, trailer and much more through this article. Check out the below information to know about M3GAN Movie.

M3GAN Movie

M3GAN is the most popular Movie. Which many people like. This is M3GAN Horror movie. You will get to see Amie Donald and Kimberley Crossman in this movie. He has done a great job in M3GAN movie. Apart from this, there is other cast. which is given below. To know more about M3GAN Movie, watch the complete article given below.

M3GAN Movie Details

Director GeraldJohnstone
ReleaseDate January13,2023
Cast AmieDonald,KimberleyCrossman,AllisonWilliams,RonnyChieng,VioletMcGraw,BrianJordanAlvarez
Writers AkelaCooper,JamesWan
Rating R
MainGenre Horror
Cinematographer PeterMcCaffrey,SimonRaby
Producer JasonBlum,JamesWan,MichaelClear,CouperSamuelson
ProductionCompany BlumhouseProductions,AtomicMonsterProductions,Divide/Conquer
MainCharacters M3GAN,Gemma,Katie,Cole
SfxSupervisor SvenHarens
Distributor UniversalPictures
AssistantDirector JoeNolan,StephenW.Moore

M3GAN Movie Release Date

M3GAN is a Horror Movie. Whose Release Date is January 13, 2023. The director of M3GAN movie is Gerald Johnstone. You can watch this movie on OTT platform and in your theaters. In this movie you will get to see Amie Donald and Kimberley Crossman, apart from this there are many more characters. Who have done their job in a very good way.

M3GAN Movie Cast

To know about the cast of M3GAN movie, we have prepared the list of M3GAN movie cast for you. By seeing which you can know about the cast of M3GAN movie. Do check out the list given below.

  • Amie Donald
  • Kimberley Crossman
  • Allison Williams
  • Ronny Chieng
  • Violet McGraw
  • Brian Jordan Alvarez

From the above list, you have come to know about the cast of M3GAN movie, which actor has played his character in M3GAN movie. Which people have liked very much.

M3GAN Movie Trailer

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