Magia Record Season 2 Episode 8: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

The final arc of Magius and Magical Girls begins with Magia Record Season 2 Episode 8, with the Magical Girls arrive at the amusement park and witness a mysterious incident. Magia Record Season 2 has concluded after completing the second arc of the battle between good and evil. This final episode will be released this coming weekend. From the latest Magia Record Season 2, Iroha is surprised to see Mami with new magic. The Magical Girl notices that Mami’s magic is scary, and Tsurono appears in the same form. They realize that those two are not here to talk, and they have to fight.

Iroha wanted to convince them, but it won’t work since they got possessed by evil powers. Touka and her partner realize that they were supposed to save the Magical Girls without hurting them inside the building. She asks Nemu why she is acting like a good person feeling pity for those girls. Touka reminds Nemu that they have to become gods. Gods will save the Magical Girls. At the park, Tsurono stood on top of playing horse and told the girls that they were welcomed at Chelation Land, and they could have a nice, relaxing time.

Iroha reminds Tsuruno who they are, and there is no need for them to fight. Yachiyo notices that something is controlling Tsuruno; Mami comments that the Magical Girls must get saved. She reveals about Tiro Finale Holy Night. The girl feels pity for Mami since she has become someone’s slave. Mami attacks the Magical Girls, and Yachiyo orders Homura to dispel Mami’s spells. They block all the attacks coming from Mami’s weapons, and Homura notices that her machine is not working.

Previously on Magia Record-Season 2 Episode 7

The episode title is ”You Don’t Know Anything.” Homura wonders if the Witch’s Labyrinth and the Magical Girls took cover since Mami’s attacks are massive. Tsuron dives from the sky, telling Yachiyo to relax, and changes sword attacks with her. Yachiyo decided to stay in defense mode while allowing the rest of the girls to escape. Iroha decided to stop and talk with Tsuruon to stop fighting since she is still good in her heart. Yachiyo told Tsuruno to wake up and face reality. Tsuruno attacks and blasts Yachiyo away, but Iroha grabs her. Iroha calls out Nemu and Touka to come out. She wonders if the two are responsible for all of these incidents.

Magia Record Season 2

Magia Record Season 2

Tsuruno reminds Iroha that she is making noise and her voice is troubling the visitors. Tsuruno attacks Iroha using lighting, and Irohara decides to cover Yachiyo, who is recovering from the last strike. The Magical Girls realize that they are no match against Mami and Tsuruno and chose to retreat since Mami and Tsuruno’s attacks are too powerful for them to handle. Sana and Felicia made it in time and helped them. Later Sana and Felicia talk with Yachiyo, who reveals that she has no intention of hurting anyone since they are protecting themself from not becoming a Witch.

Iroha and the Magical Girls discover about Embryo Eve and that Sana receives a plan from Mifuyu. Mifuyu and Momoko talk with Matanama to convince her to reveal how they saved Tsuruno and Mami from the Uwasas they got fused. Matanama told them that to do that; they must use Connect on the afflicted. But they must also have a firm grasp of their personality. Yachiyo used that technique against Tsuruno, but it failed, and Tsuruno suffered massive body damage. The Uwasa continues to control Tsuruno and Mami.

Magia Record Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

Magia Record Season 2 Episode 8 will be released Sunday on 19 September 2021, at 12:55 AM. This anime’s second season will be concluded with the release of eight episodes. Look at the Magia Record Season 2 official details below.

Magia Record Season 2

Magia Record Season 2

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Where To Watch Magia Record Season 2 Episode 8

You can watch Magia Record Season 2 Episode 8 online on Funimation and Crunchyroll. The Dawn of a Shallow Dream will begin in season three of this anime that is yet to be announced soon. You can rewatch all the episodes of Magia Record Season 2 online.

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