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Maisie Williams Thought Game of Thrones Arya Stark Was a Lesbian

Maisie Williams thought that her Game of Thrones character, Arya Stark, was a lesbian for many of the show’s run. Pertained to by lots of movie critics as one of the best tv series in background, HBO’s Game of Thrones ran for eight seasons from 2011 to 2019.

The child of Ned Stark and his spouse Catelyn, Arya is one of 5 Stark kids, and also one of Game of Thrones’ main characters. Showing up in 59 out of a total of 73 episodes, Arya was a fan fave for her attitude and also powerful character growth, which saw her end up being a skilled assassin by the time Game of Thrones finished. Maturing from an energetic young girl to a brutal, badass warrior, Arya was just one of the few principle characters that did not have a love interest. That changed in Game of Thrones period 8, where she briefly had a love with Gendry Baratheon.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Williams confesses that she had presumed Arya was a lesbian until almost the very end of Game of Thrones. Many Game of Thrones followers were likewise under the impression that Arya may have been a queer character, and there was a reaction versus Arya’s love with Gendry.

” The very first time that I was shocked by Arya I guess was most likely in the final series where she whips off her garments and sleeps with Gendry. I thought that Arya was queer, you understand? … yeah. That was a surprise.”

Considering that Game of Thrones had a handful of queer characters – from Gemma Whelan’s Yara Greyjoy to Pedro Pascal’s Oberyn Martell – it isn’t a stretch of the imagination that Arya might have been queer. Resting with Gendry can still imply that Arya identifies as pansexual or bisexual, both Williams’ and fans’ presumptions that Arya could have been a lesbian were dashed. Game of Thrones period 8 has actually widely been considered an enormous frustration on numerous fronts, as well as Arya’s relationship with Gendry only added fuel to that fire for certain camps.

While Gendry would drop totally in love with Arya, Arya would certainly be turned off by this sudden emotional entanglement as well as leave Gendry to proceed her adventurous life. With Game of Thrones having come to an end, however, it appears that Arya Stark’s sexuality may forever be left to target market analysis.

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