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Malalai Hussainy and Hasina Safi Now: Where Are Afghan Survivors Now?

In 2021, the American federal government determined to draw its troops out of Afghanistan after about twenty years, resulting in the Taliban taking control of the country right after. The relocation led to hundreds and thousands of Afghans gathering to the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, to be left. HBO’s ‘Escape from Kabul’ is a gripping docudrama concentrating on the evacuation procedure.

The manufacturing also sheds light on all the difficulties the Afghan civilians dealt with during that time. On the show, Malalai Hussainy, a student, and Hasina Safi, a political leader, discuss their challenge as the Taliban took over while they attempted to leave. So, allow’s figure out even more about what happened after that, shall we?

Who Are Malalai Hussainy as well as Hasina Safi?

By August 15, however, the Taliban had gone into Kabul. At the time, Malalai Hussainy was in her very first year of university.

Malalai Hussainy

Hasina Safi was born in 1975 and also had been via a comparable intrusion throughout the 1980s; the Soviets invading Afghanistan required her as well as her family members to take haven in Pakistan. A long-time advocate for females’s legal rights, Hasina constantly thought education was important. At the age of 15, she began showing English as a second language to Afghan refugee women. She returned to her nation in 2005, and also for the next years and also a half, she dealt with a number of companies focusing on females’s civil liberties and also gender equality.

In 2018, Hasina was welcomed by the then Afghanistan President to sign up with the federal government as the Minister of Information and also Culture. By after that, Hasina had recognized for weeks that it was bound to take place. Hasina claimed, “Instead, they closed down the women’s affairs ministry, as well as I faced fatality threats.”

Hasina Safi

After that, Hasina went right into hiding and also can only leave the nation throughout the final days of the emptying. Hasina and also her family members were able to leave for Dubai, UAE, and also after that headed for the UK.

Where Are Malalai Hussainy as well as Hasina Safi Today?

At the time, Malalai’s papa worked in the British Embassy, as well as she was afraid that they would certainly kill him as well as his family if the Taliban learnt. On the program, Malalai described waiting outside the airport terminal entrance for days and standing in a canal loaded with sewage as well as trash simply to get onto an airplane. She recalled the psychological toll it reclaimed then, yet they had the ability to get onto a flight in the end. While Malalai did take care of to leave Afghanistan, it’s vague where she presently is, and she has chosen to maintain that info personal. It’s feasible, though, that Malalai and her family mosted likely to the UK after the challenge.

Hasina Safi

When it comes to Hasina, she presently lives at a hotel in Kingston, England. She was able to leave Kabul with her 2 little girls and several other relative. Before helping the government in 2018, Hasina was the Executive Director of the Afghan Women Network for five years. She likewise has a bachelor’s level in regulation as well as government. After the emptying, some individuals criticized Hasina for not leaving earlier, with her replacements still being stuck in Afghanistan.

Hasina stated, “The factor that I did not leave in the very early days was that I really felt a big responsibility towards all the ladies who were left behind, consisting of the minorities. Considering that then, Hasina has been active trying to aid the females still in Afghanistan and also has been component of numerous virtual seminars and also webinars. Every day we hear bad news from my country.

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