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Mallory Beach Friend: Where is Connor Cook Now?

In February 2019, a frightening watercraft crash in a creek near Parris Island, South Carolina, altered the lives of six pals forever. It finished with Mallory Beach’s death, as well as Paul Murdaugh was charged with boating drunk after he was charged of supervising of the wheel. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: Dark Waters’ focuses on the crash’s after-effects and how everybody dealt with it. Connor Cook, among the six on the boat that evening, ended up being essential to the investigation. Let’s locate out even more regarding him then, shall we?

That is Connor Cook?

On February 23, 2019, 6 close friends made a decision to go to a houseparty on Paukie Island, South Carolina. Connor Cook and also his girlfriend, Miley Altman, intended to select Anthony Cook and also his sweetheart, Mallory, on Paul Murdaugh’s watercraft in addition to his girlfriend, Morgan Doughty. Paul was part of the Murdaugh family, which held remarkable influence in the Lowcountry location in South Carolina. His dad, Richard Alexander Murdaugh, was an attorney, just like the Murdaughs before him. Given that Paul was underage, he made use of the ID of his older sibling, Buster, to acquire alcohol at a corner store.

The group showed up around 12:45 am on February 24, 2019, with Connor and Paul going to the bar. While Connor utilized a fake ID, Paul used his brother’s ID. Sometime after 1 am, Connor and Paul left, and all of them got onto the boat.

At the time, Connor was 19-years-old, as well as the crash resulted in a cut to his face and also cracks to his jaw. Some of the children in the team preserved that Paul was and also drove the boat intoxicated. Just Connor was asked for a soberness examination.

Later, Anthony stated that Paul declined to let any individual else drive the boat as well as was determined about being in control of the steering wheel. Connor at first told police that he didn’t remember who was driving. Part of his declaration read, “I keep in mind seeing the bridge, and that’s regarding it.” Paul was eventually charged with boating intoxicated, yet in June 2021, he as well as his mommy were fired to death on their property; Alex was eventually charged with their murders.

In the months after the murder, Connor declared that the Murdaugh family members and also police attempted to position the blame on him. In a deposition, Connor asserted that Paul’s papa came near him in the medical facility, adding, “I was informed for one by Alex Murdaugh that I didn’t require to inform any individual that was driving.” Moreover, Connor stated that Alex informed him “that whatever was mosting likely to be all right. I just required to maintain my mouth shut and tell them I didn’t know that was driving and that he’s got me.”

Due to the fact that of rumors he had actually listened to, Connor specified that he was scared of the Murdaugh household. Among them was of Paul purportedly pushing their house cleaner, Gloria Satterfield, down a flight of stairs in February 2018. When it comes to the various other one, Connor showed up to mention the fatality of 19-year-old Stephen Smith. In that case, the authorities later received pointers regarding Buster being in a partnership with the teenager, leading them to reopen the situation.

Where is Connor Cook Today?

In September 2021, Connor filed a suit against Alex Murdaugh, his son, Buster, the convenience store that sold the alcohol to Paul, and the clerk that marketed the liquor. Connor always maintained that he just steered the watercraft when it remained in neutral, as well as Paul was saying with his sweetheart. Since the event happened, Connor has actually maintained a low profile. From what we can tell, he still stays in Hampton, South Carolina, as well as is close with his family members. It shows up that he is still in a relationship with Miley. Aside from that, Connor enjoys hunting as well as offered his pickup truck more than a year earlier.

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