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Marcus Lillard: Where Is Marianne Shockley Boyfriend Now?

In the early morning hrs of May 12, 2019, authorities got to a house in Milledgeville, Georgia, to locate Marianne Shockley unresponsive and also blood loss on the flooring. Marianne was soon stated dead, as well as the cops found that she was spending the night with her boyfriend, Marcus Lillard, and also the property owner, Clark Heindel. ’24 Hours: The Strange Death of Professor Shockley’ takes the audience with the shocking incident and demonstrates how the catastrophe impacted Marcus. If you are intrigued by this case and also want to find out where Marcus is at present, we have you covered.

Who Is Marcus Lillard?

When they were both students at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Marcus Lillard and Marianne Shockley were old pals that first fulfilled. Although the two got along quite well initially, life occurred, as well as they went their separate means. Eventually, Marcus came to be just one more old acquaintance for Marianne as she studied to come to be a cherished professor of entomology at the University of Georgia. Nonetheless, about a year prior to Marianne’s shocking death, Marcus reconnected with Marianne, and also the pair began reminiscing about the days passed. Consequently, they even made a decision to day and also were in a fully commited connection at the time of the misfortune. Reports additionally pointed out that Marcus Lillard had been formerly convicted on an unconnected medicine charge and was serving his probation duration around the time Marianne satisfied her surprising end.

Marianne Shockley and also her boyfriend Marcus Lillard

According to the program, Marianne was quite ecstatic concerning obtaining to spend a day with Marcus, as well as she took a trip down to Milledgeville in Georgia on May 11, 2019. When at the residence, Clark, Marianne, as well as Marcus prepared on having an enjoyable night, and reports mentioned that the trio was later discovered to have consumed alcohol and medicines, specifically MDMA.

Although Clark neighbored, he really did not pay much interest to Marianne, and also Marcus went back to find her less competent and floating face down in the hot tub. Together, both males carried the subconscious woman outside, as well as Marcus also called a few of his pals for guidance, however fruitless. By the time they called 911 and also emergency situation solutions came to the scene, Marianne had actually already passed away. The police showed up to find her completely naked as well as less competent, with a big bloody wound on her head, while an autopsy exposed that she was suffocated to fatality.

Where Is Marcus Lillard Today?

When wondered about, Marcus and Clark asserted that it was currently also late by the time they discovered the subconscious Marianne. The 2nd death was exceptionally shocking, but as Clark’s self-destruction note had absolutely nothing on it concerning Marianne’s murder, the police focused their focus on Marcus.

The prosecution claimed that Marcus had supposedly strangled Marianne to fatality and also obtained witnesses to indicate that he liked to choke his partner throughout sex, the court believed otherwise. Ultimately, at the end of the test, Marcus was found not guilty, as well as was acquitted of all costs related to Marianne’s death in 2022.

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