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Marie Avgeropoulos: The most terrifying experience the actress of The 100 lived

Octavia’s power and toughness have influenced Avgeropoulos throughout the collection. “Octavia has been a part of me for a lengthy time.

Her big break, or her “first genuine work” as she put it at the Dutch Comic Con, was in Chris Columbus’s “I Love You Beth Cooper”, in which she played Valli Wooley. “She was so terrified,” she claimed of being so new to a huge flick, she “was worried.”

Columbus after that reversed as well as cast her in “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief.” From there, Marie Avgeropoulos showed up on “Hunt to Kill” with Steve Austin as well as went on to jam with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on “50/50.” She then got cast in another show on The CW called “Cult” which adhered to mysterious deaths and also happenings on a television show. Far from her expert life, Marie Avgeropoulos had to encounter a terrifying experience in the very early years of her occupation.

Marie Avgeropoulos underwent a difficult surgical procedure

When Marie Avgeropoulos was 20 years old, medical professionals found a large lump on her neck, chest and also throat that they had to get rid of. Extremely few people see the big scar on her chest, Marie Avgeropoulos uses it in honor of her. It reminds me that I’m as strong as Octavia.”

One thing the surgical procedure did impact, however, was Marie Avgeropoulos’ capacity to shriek. “Screaming does not really benefit me more than one or two times, or then she’s voiceless for a number of days,” she informed Brief Take. “Which might not be a bad thing for those around me, they can claim, ‘Oh, great. She stops talking. Ella Hooray!'”.

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