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Markus Braun: Where is Wirecard Ex-CEO Now?

Bringing Down Wirecard’ chronicling the unbelievably complicated incongruity surrounding the titular German fintech start-up, we get a true insight into every facet of the matter. Now, if you merely want to learn more regarding its former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Markus Braun, in particular, we’ve obtained the necessary details for you.

That is Markus Braun?

There was as soon as a time Markus Braun was thought about inspirational due to the way he constructed Wirecard into what appeared to be a payment processing giant, just for the fact to end up a lot various. The Austrian citizen had really earned a level in Commercial Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Social as well as Economic Sciences before he located his calling, yet this company was not his start. He would certainly started his job as a specialist while pursuing his doctorate (1996-2000) and was thus working at KPMG in Munich, Germany, when he first stumbled upon this company for a job.

Nevertheless, a simple year later on, in 2002, Markus formally signed up with Wiretech as well as took over the reins as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, in addition to a member of the administration board. The self-described visionary after that apparently transformed it into an introducing company on the planet of on the internet purchases as well as monetary solutions, just for its entire development background to be fraudulent. There were accounting malpractices done at every step of the way for several years before it came to light in 2020 that half of its profits as well as its proclaimed EUR1.9 billion ($2.3 billion) cash reserve didn’t also exist.

Where is Markus Braun Now?

Markus publicly resigned from his blog post when news of Wirecard’s actuality broke on June 18, and afterwards he gave up to the authorities on June 22 upon hearing there was a warrant against him. He was detained “on uncertainty of accounting fraudulence and market manipulation,” yet was released on a EUR5 million ($5.7 million) bail just a day later; he was apprehended once more on July 22. We should point out that despite the fact the company applied for bankruptcy on June 25, 2020, the former executive supposedly still owns more than 7% of its shares and had actually earned EUR5.5 million ($6.3 million) in dividends.

Coming to the accusations against Markus, Munich public prosecutors officially charged him with scams, breach of trust, in addition to accountancy adjustment on March 14, 2022. They think he purposefully signed off on wrong monetary statements from 2012 to 2018 and also had falsely symbolized that an exterior audit by KPMG would certainly vindicate Wirecard of all public allegations. The last is because the company really failed to submit the required documents regarding its third-party companies to the audit team, according to the main statement.

As if that’s insufficient, per the district attorneys, when Markus originally surrendered, he apparently confessed to a scam entailing adjusting numbers to look even more appealing to investors and also clients alike. The previous CEO hence confronts 15 years behind bars if convicted following his test– he’s presently awaiting the very same at the Augsburg-Gablingen jail after begging innocent. We must state Markus remains to keep his innocence by insisting he’s a target of fraud himself, influenced by none apart from his mentee as well as fellow Austrian Jan Marsalek.

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