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Marriage frightens me, says Tacha

Anita Natacha Akide aka Tacha has confessed she is afraid of the idea of marriage and raising a family.

According to the reality TV star, her mother described marriage as an institution that sees some people attempting to exit and others struggling to gain access to it.

The media personality admitted that her fears are aroused upon the thought of marriage as that unknown feeling about the future leaves her totally petrified.

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While hoping for a lasting marriage when she eventually takes the bold step into it, Tacha gave a note of warning to her future husband not to dash her fragile heart.

The queen of Titans wrote: “My mum would say ‘marriage is like an institution, some are trying to get out others are trying to gain admission.’

“We take it a step at a time, the idea of marriage is cringy to me, what happens in the long run frightens me.

“When I eventually get married it will be for better or better! My fragile heart nobody should break it oh.”

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