Marvel Has The Right Way To Solve Its Mr. Fantastic Problem

Marvel Has The Right Way To Solve Its Mr. Fantastic Problem

While Marvel might choose that they want to cast a new Reed Richards for the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie, that doesn’t mean John Krasinski’s time as Mr. Fantastic has to entirely end after his look in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The MCU has actually developed the elegance of the multiverse as well as the principle of versions, however the comics have particularly shown Mr. Fantastic as a hero who’s more than outfitted to engage with a number of variations of himself existing beyond his cosmos. The comics have actually long given the perfect means for them to cast a new Reed while still maintaining Krasinski’s Mr. Fantastic if Marvel Studios were so likely.

Produced by Jonathan Hickman and also Dale Eaglesham in 2009, the Mr. Fantastic of Earth-616 discovered the existence of the Council of Reeds, an interdimensional brain trust of numerous variations of the same hero interacting to fix various issues. Developed by three Reeds that each possessed their universe’s Infinity Gauntlet, the Council was based in the area between cosmos. While the original variation has considering that been destroyed, a new model was ultimately started as well as is still running in today Marvel Comics Universe.

The Council of Reeds might function as the ideal automobile for John Krasinki’s Mr. Fantastic to stay, existing as an alternating Reed needs to Marvel Studios cast someone else for their main Earth-616 Richards to lead the Fantastic Four. In spite of being killed by the Scarlet Witch along with the rest of Earth-838’s Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2, Krasinski’s Reed Richards can either coincide variation from an earlier time before his fatality or can just be a new version from a various cosmos.

It must be noted that an unsuccessful attempt to develop a council of variations has actually already been seen in the MCU. Remarkably sufficient, He Who Remains and Kang are both variants of the very same man: Nathaniel Richards, a future offspring of the 20th century’s Reed Richards.

The multiversal Council of Reeds is the perfect method for the MCU to have their cake and also consume it also if they want to cast a new 616 Reed. Deserting Krasinki after a solitary cameo would be very unfortunate and a large missed out on opportunity viewing as exactly how the star had long been covering net fan-casts for many years prior to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Whether Krasinki becomes the MCU’s main Reed Richards or not, the Council of Reeds would certainly be an intriguing means to frame Mr. Fantastic as a core multiversal hero regardless. Reed could efficiently work in tandem with his variants, dynamically including in the heroics with his family members in the MCU’s upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

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