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Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Spider-Man Episode Was Canceled for Being ‘Too Dark”

There is a misinformed belief that animation means a child friendly end product, but as many recent animation series such as Godzilla Singular Point, The Killing Joke and more have shown, sometimes things can get very dark very quickly. It looks like Marvel’s What If…? series was almost in danger of breaking the beloved Disney PG-13 boundaries with one intended Spider-Man episode idea which had to be scrapped. The episode brought to life the comic arc that actually saw Peter Parker becoming a spider in something reminiscent of The Fly.

“There was a couple of episodes that were just a little too dark,” What If…? writer AC Bradley told The Post-Credit Podcast. “There was an original What If…? [comic] run I believe where Spider-Man turns into a real spider, and that was just too dark and too body horror for their PG-13.”

Despite the relatively small limitation, Bradley went on to stress that creating the show was almost like being a kid given “the keys to the toy store.” There was nothing out of bounds other than things that had already been done in other projects and those that were currently in productions part of the upcoming slate of Marvel shows and movies.

“But it was a blast! You said it yourself, we were basically given the keys to the toy store,” the writer added. “‘Go have fun and make sure everything was different. Don’t give us ten of the same, give us ten of the most different stories you can come up with.’ I hope Bryan and I have achieved that.”

Speaking previously to IGN, Bradley revealed that one of the What If…? ideas that needed to be left by the wayside was one featuring the Guardians of The Galaxy, which could not be done as it turned out of be almost exactly the same as the plot of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3.

“I walked [executive producer] Brad Winderbaum through all my hard work, only to find out I accidentally pitched the back half of [Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3],” Bradley revealed. “So I stay away from Mr. James Gunn and his brilliance and his work, and I did go home after that day and cracked open a beer and be like, ‘Well that’s going to be an amazing movie but now I gotta go back to the drawing board,'”

There are only two days left before the first episode of What If…? hits Disney+ and from what we know there are a lot of wild stories to be told across the first animated addition to the MCU. With stories featuring Captain Carter, Zombie Hunter Spider-Man, Party Thor and the final time the late Chadwick Boseman will play T’Challa, there is a lot going for the new series and as with all Marvel series’ there is so much more still to be revealed. Whether audiences take to it as easily as the likes of WandaVision and Loki is something that we will have to wait a little while to find out after the series viewer ratings are known. This news comes from

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