MasterChef Season 6: Where Are They Now, Update on the Cast

MasterChef Season 6: Where Are They Now, Update on the Cast

When it comes to cooking shows, nobody does it better than ‘MasterChef.’ Produced by Franc Roddam, the collection pits numerous amateur chefs and house cooks versus each other to declare the title of the season’s MasterChef. As the competitors earnings, the participants should remain on top of their games or take the chance of getting eliminated. The range of challenges the cooks deal with throughout their trip helps them hone their abilities to excite the cooking masters, whose main purpose is to evaluate as well as assist striving chefs.

Season 6 of the cooking series arrived in 2015, with its participants making a name for themselves using their exceptional culinary skills. Seven years later, fans can not help but be curious to know what happened to some of the most well-known faces from the show’s sixth iteration.

Where is Claudia Sandoval Now?

We are starting with Claudia Sandoval, whose impressive skills in the kitchen helped her claim the top position in season 6. Just after her time on the cooking show, Claudia started her business Claudia’s Cocina, where she works as the Executive Chef.

Thanks to her talents, Claudia has, in the past, worked in collaboration with well-known brands like Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Nestlé, Disney, T-Mobile, and Tajín. At present, Claudia is a judge on ‘MasterChef Latinos’ and has been contracted to be a judge with Food Network since October 2019.

Where is Derrick Peltz Now?

Derrick Fox (née Peltz) was the runner-up on ‘MasterChef’ season 6. To prove his mettle as a chef again, he returned to television to participate in season 12 of the cooking show.

Derrick’s time on the show helped him build a career in the culinary field. Currently, the talented chef is happily married to his wife Kimberly Fox and has an adorable dog who turned 6 in May 2022.

Where is Stephen Lee Now?

‘MasterChef’ season 6 saw Stephen Lee bag 3rd place thanks to his excellent cooking abilities. His journey in the show’s season 12 was far from ideal, as he was the first to be eliminated from all the contestants in the all-star installment. Presently, Stephen functions as a Private Chef as well as Caterer and is the proprietor of Food Dept., an organization based out of Palm Springs, California.

Where is Nick Nappi Now?

Aside from being 4th in the race for the leading placement in ‘MasterChef,’ Nicholas “Nick” Nappi has the honor of being the first-ever participant whose wedding occurred in the food preparation series. He and his better half, Jenelle Nappi, are co-owners and operators of Nappi Roots, an organization dedicated to producing food motivated by cannabis. Both have been running the firm given that 2019 and are quite devoted to the venture. They also have a podcast and are proud parents to their pet cat, Olive, as well as dog, Gnocchi.

Where is Katrina Kozar Now?

Regardless of her less than excellent begin in ‘MasterChef’ season 6, Katrina turned into one of the leading 5 competitors. Her abilities as well as journey amazed Gordon Ramsay a lot that he also provided her with an all-expenses journey to France, for which she was quite happy. Katrina now runs her very own business called Katrina’s Kitchen, which caters for personal supper celebrations, hosts cooking events, and also offers culinary courses.

Furthermore, the reality TV star is the Chef and also Co-Owner of Mustard Queens and an Administrative Assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Katrina’s romantic life seems to be going quite well, given her happy relationship with her boyfriend.

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