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Megan Getrum Parents Now: Where Are Diane and Leonard Getrum Now?

One of the sufferers was Megan Getrum, a 36-year-old woman eliminated while on a walking at a park in Plano, Texas. The information of her death left her parents, Diane as well as Leonard Getrum, with an open hole in their lives.

Who Are Megan Getrum’s Parents?

Megan Leigh Getrum was born to Leonard as well as Diane Getrum in September 1980. She matured with her sibling, Jeff, and was close to her parents. Diane later talked about her daughter’s love for traveling. It began with a secondary school journey abroad, at some point leading the 36-year-old to check out places like Scotland, Ireland, and Peru. She lovingly remembered her little girl’s propensity for trying out the food at every place she checked out and exactly how she traveled with her grandparents, Frank and also Barbara Cochrane.

According to Diane, Megan had last traveled to India with her grandparents and anticipated seeing various other places in the future. On April 14, 2017, Megan went to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano for a hike. The young female was not seen or heard from after that. Her disappearance came simply days after 22-year-old Molly Matheson’s body was uncovered by her mommy, Tracy, in Fort Worth, Texas.

On April 15, 2017, Megan’s body was located in Lake Roy Hubbard in Texas, finishing the look for her and also leaving Diane and also Leonard ravaged. Ultimately, the authorities discovered physical proof that connected Reginald to Molly as well as Megan’s rape as well as murder. While Molly was his ex-girlfriend, the detectives really did not believe he understood Megan. Witnesses reported seeing him in Megan’s apartment building at some point prior to she disappeared; a vehicle registered to Reginald’s daddy was seen in the car park.

Where Are Megan Getrum’s Parents Today?

Diane was present in the court and delivered a victim impact declaration. Diane also specified that initially, Reginald had haunted her, however that wasn’t the situation any longer.

Diane added, “But my life is as well brief to spend any more time of him. Because after that, Diane and Leonard Getrum have actually maintained a low account.

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