Mercy Macjoe, Michael Vidal, others star in Reward Apkari’s “You are under Arrest”

Mercy Macjoe, Michael Vidal, others star in Reward Apkari’s “You are under Arrest”

“You’re under arrest”, a wedding whoop film series directed by Reward James Akpari, will be released on November 13th, 2021.

Mercy Macjoe and Michael Vidal, two Hollywood/Nollywood star performers, star in the true-life docudrama. The first episode focuses on the potential for a wedding day malfunction, tragedy, and blunders that most brides and grooms make.

The film, which was written and packaged for an online audience, features a cast of characters who portray a variety of suppliers engaged in putting on a conventional mega wedding ceremony.

The filmmaker had this to say about the much-anticipated film: “All of the stories are based on the book Wedding. Whoops! 50 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Your Wedding Day Our wedding stories are carefully curated by us.

Our plots explore probable wedding day blunders as a lesson on what not to do. I really can’t wait for you all to see what my team and my partners have put together in this new movie”.

Akeju, a director at Aflik Tv, the film’s principal distributor, highlighted the film’s potential significance, emphasizing that families and aspiring couples might learn from the mishaps depicted in the film.

The movie comes at just the right time, a Covid-19 hit dissarayed world and promise to bring hope, peace and serve as a guide for young and aspiring couples around the world.

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