Metallica Posts A Video Duet With Eddie In Awesome Stranger Things Tiktok

Metallica Posts A Video Duet With Eddie In Awesome Stranger Things Tiktok

Metallica plays together with the now-famous Stranger Things scene of Eddie performing the band’s song “Master of Puppets” in a brand-new video. In the Stranger Things season 4 finale, Eddie is part of the team that heads to the Upside-down to confront Vecna straight. Along with Dustin, Eddie stories to sidetrack the bats in the Upside Down, so Steve, Robin, as well as Nancy can freely access Victor Creel’s residence and attack Vecna. Eddie’s diversion comes in the form of him playing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on his guitar, attracting the bats straight to his trailer.

Soon after the episode premiered, the Stranger Things “Master of Puppets” sequence became one of the show’s most iconic and also is considered a highlight of the entire series – not simply this recently-wrapped season. Metallica had a passionate response to the Stranger Things finale, commending the Duffer Brothers for their use songs on the show. Now, the band additionally shows their gratitude by presenting a duet with Eddie.

On Metallica’s official TikTok page, the band published a video of the group performing “Master of Puppets” together with the scene from the program. The message is captioned “Eddie, this is for you!” referencing Eddie’s tribute to Chrissy on Stranger Things. Check out the video by clicking on the link below:

This is another image of just how the “Master of Puppets” series – as well as Stranger Things in general – has permeated via pop culture. Similar to the “Adding That Hill” scene in the “Precious Billy” episode, it’s clear the show’s use “Master of Puppets” made a prompt influence with customers, and it’s enjoyable to see Metallica accept Stranger Things this way. Eddie star Joseph Quinn said the “Master of Puppets” scene was his favored Stranger Things minute, and he placed in a significant amount of work to learn the song on guitar for production. It’s clear Quinn’s commitment and commitment repaid. At one factor, Quinn was worried his new character was going to ruin Stranger Things, however rather Eddie turned into one of the show’s most beloved numbers.

Sadly, Eddie’s “Master of Puppets” cover will be the only metal concert he puts on in the Inverted. Eddie heroically passed away combating the bats, buying Steve, Robin, and Nancy even more time to reach Vecna. Despite follower campaigns for him to return, the Duffer Brothers validated Eddie’s absolutely dead, meaning it’s extremely not likely Quinn comes back for season 5. It’s unfavorable his job on Stranger Things was so brief, however Quinn’s Eddie will forever be a part of TV background thanks to this memorable series that will decrease as one of the show’s ideal moments.

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