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Mike Lang: Is Woodstock Co-Founder Dead or Alive?

As a performance promoter, producer, musician manager, and writer, Michael Lang was an indispensable part of the entertainment industry practically from the moment he first stepped onto the scene in the 1960s. That’s since he not just co-founded but additionally came to be the face of the Woodstock Music Festival just a couple of years right into his profession, just to arrange all its follow-up events. His most interesting quality, however, as suggested in Netflix’s ‘Trainwreck: Woodstock’ 99,’ is that he didn’t lose his calmness no matter what– so currently, allow’s learn a little bit a lot more regarding him, shall we?

Who Was Michael Lang?

Although Michael Scott Lang (born on December 11, 1944) was elevated in an apparently cozy yet middle-class Jewish household in Brooklyn, New York, he never let anything or anybody hold him back. He really left of New York University in 1967 prior to moving to the Coconut Grove area in Miami, Florida, only to open a head shop (stuff specializing store). He soon found himself messing around behind the scenes at music events as well, which swiftly resulted in the incredible opportunity to produce the 1968 Pop & Underground Festival.

This particular experience was the one that sparked the suggestion of a tranquil, love-filled, independent, as well as community-driven celebration in Michael’s mind, especially with different musicians on stage. After the performance promotor moved to Woodstock, New York, the exact same year and also coincidently satisfied all the appropriate individuals, he handled to create what can only be explained as magic– Woodstock 1969.

While Woodstock ’94 was a financial disaster owing to a storm damaging the attendees and fences coming in for totally free, Woodstock ’99 was actual disorder with barbarity, physical violence, and also even a riot. On the other hand, Woodstock ’19 was formally terminated less than a month prior to it was set up to start due to not simply logistics but additionally economic as well as place problems.

Exactly How Did Mike Lang Die?

In spite of the ups and downs of Woodstock, Michael Lang had actually managed to develop a good life for himself by progressing into a, as stated above, manufacturer, musician carver, writer, as well as manager. He in fact developed a record label called Just Sunshine Record in 1971 as well as also financed documentary film such as ‘Woodstock: The Lost Performances,’ ‘Woodstock: Now & Then,’ as well as ‘A Bright Light.’ As if that’s not nearly enough, he handled vocalist Joe Cocker, introduced the Michael Lang Organization (MLO), and co-authored his memoir ‘The Road to Woodstock,’ all the while including in various meetings or documentaries himself.

Michael was pleased and loud of every element of his life, however sadly, complying with 77 fantastic years, he passed away from Non-Hodgkin lymphoma at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer. It was January 8, 2022. He is survived by his spouse, Tamara Pajic Lang; 2 boys, Harry Lang as well as Laszlo Lang; as well as three little girls, Molly Lang, LariAnn Lang, and Shala Lang Moll.

We need to mention that Michael Lang had high hopes for our globe, as made clear in his 2009 publication, specifically when he penned, “Woodstock was a test of whether people of our generation truly believed in one an additional as well as the world we were having a hard time to develop. Could we live as the calm neighborhood we pictured?

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