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Molly Matheson Parents Now: Where Are Tracy and David Matheson Now?

Someday in April 2017, Molly Matheson’s mom, Tracy, went to her little girl’s house to find her dead in the shower room. What adhered to was an investigation that subjected exactly how the killer continued to be cost-free in spite of being charged of sexual assaults in the past. Molly’s fatality ravaged her parents, Tracy and David, and also pushed the mother to fight for better policing as well as identifying patterns of criminals dedicating sex crimes. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: Wreckage’ concentrates on Molly’s death as well as exactly how her parents taken care of it in the results. Allow’s discover out even more regarding the couple after that, shall we?

Who Are Molly Matheson’s Parents?

Molly Matheson was birthed to Tracy as well as David Matheson; she was the second of four kids as well as the only lady. Tracy explained her child as a humorous, thoughtful, as well as dedicated 22-year-old. The girl loved children and even functioned as a nanny. Molly wished to be a social worker in the future and also deal with struggling kids, but all that was removed from her one evening in April 2017.

On April 10, 2017, Tracy got a telephone call from Molly’s employer. Tracy found out from a good friend that Molly’s vehicle was still parked outside her house. The authorities were ultimately led to Reginald Kimbro, Molly’s ex-boyfriend from a couple of years prior, whom Tracy had satisfied previously.

Biological proof indicated that Reginald was additionally responsible for raping and murdering Megan Getrum, a 36-year-old whose body was located in a lake close to Dallas, Texas. The authorities then discovered that he had actually been accused of several sexual assaults throughout Texas yet had never ever been apprehended. In all those instances, the survivors asserted that Reginald had actually choked and also raped them, specifically what occurred to Molly and Megan Getrum.

In the months after Molly’s fatality, Tracy promoted the passage of Molly Lane’s Law, which was ultimately passed in 2019 and needed the authorities to get in the name as well as date of birth of somebody thought of sexual offense along with the circumstances surrounding the assault into a nationwide data source. The intention behind it was to make it simpler for detectives to recognize patterns, thus resulting in quicker apprehensions.

In March 2022, Reginald begged guilty to the two murders as well as four other sexual assaults, bringing some alleviation to the Matheson household. In court, David informed Reginald, “I truthfully have absolutely nothing to state to you. He likewise attended to the females that came onward with their stories of Reginald assaulting them, claiming, “You were not thought, you were rejected, and also you were abandoned by the actual system that is expected to aid you.”

Where Are Molly Matheson’s Parents Today?

Some survivors later on specified that the authorities really did not think them when they reported Reginald sexually attacking them. When it came to investigating sexual attacks, Tracy also looked into this and also felt that the criminal justice system was damaged. She thought that the survivors got little to no support, making it tough for them to come onward. So, on the anniversary of Molly’s fatality in 2018, Tracy founded Project Beloved.

The nonprofit purposes to supply an extra comfortable and also inviting environment for sexual assault survivors, making it easier for them to open up to detectives. The areas include comfy chairs, pillows, coverings, as well as softly lit lamps. Throughout the years, Tracy has actually obtained demands from numerous states as well as federal facilities. She included, “We intend to get more evidence, much better proof. We want to take cases that possibly feel like they weren’t mosting likely to have the ability to go anywhere … perhaps we are going to able to make an arrest.”

Additionally, the nonprofit awards scholarships for social work pupils at the University of Arkansas, where Molly was a student. Tracy and also David live in Fort Worth with and also care for their children. Tracy typically has her hands complete with not just the nonprofit yet also her job as a realtor.

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