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Monica’s Gang: Lessons was the most watched national film of 2022


The owner of the street and neighborhood of Limoeiro also dominated the national box office in 2022. A live-action version of Mauricio de Sousa’s characters , Turma da Monica: Lessons was the most watched Brazilian film of the year, bringing a total of 761,000 spectators to cinema halls.

The survey was carried out by the Filme B portal and published in partnership with O Globo . Overall, the top 10 were:

1- Turma da Monica: Lessons (761 thousand spectators)
2- To Ryca 2 (525 thousand)
3- Provisional Measure (471 thousand)
4- Detetives do Prédio Azul 3 – An Adventure at the End of the World” (431 thousand)
5- Eduardo and Monica (406 thousand)
6- Predestined (265 thousand)
7- Tangled Together (249 thousand)
8- Nothing Is By Chance (147 thousand)
9- Pluft, the Ghost (126 thousand)
10- The Speaker (126 thousand)

Directed by Daniel Rezende , Licoes is the sequel to Turma da Monica: Lacos , originally released in 2019. The plot brings Monica , Cebolinha , Cascão and Magali dealing with the problems brought about by adolescence, in addition to the change of the titular character to a new school .

  • Turma da Monica will gain new actors in the cinema
  • MSP announces films by Turma da Monica Jovem, Penadinho and more

Monica’s Gang: Lessons is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video . Giulia Benite , Kevin Vechiatto , Gabriel Moreira and Laura Rauseo play the quartet.


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