Morgan Metzer: Where is Kidnapping and Assault Survivor Now?

Morgan Metzer: Where is Kidnapping and Assault Survivor Now?

Morgan Metzer was looking forward to a new beginning after a separation from her spouse of 10 years, Rodney. Yet on the very first day of 2021, she woke up to a burglar in her bedroom who strongly attacked her. Examination Discovery’s ‘Evil Lives Here: He Pretended To Save Me’ has Morgan discuss their connection and also just how the enemy became Rodney. If you’re questioning just how Morgan is doing and where she may be today, here’s what we recognize!

Who is Morgan Metzer?

On the program, Morgan Metzer chatted concerning Rodney being her first love. Morgan additionally said she didn’t observe her father’s warnings regarding Rodney. Later on, Morgan recalled that Rodney had problems with his mood; he would shriek as well as toss points.

Morgan additionally disclosed exactly how Rodney’s terrible outbursts usually led her to lock herself and also the kids in a wardrobe to remain secure. She claimed, “I would keep comforting them that he was just having a poor day and needs time to cool off, and we’re just trying to avoid of the means. I would certainly make it a video game, and we would certainly do something in there with each other.” On the program, Morgan additionally discussed just how Rodney would assault her as well as even force himself onto her when she would certainly say no to sex.

At some point, Morgan had actually enough and submitted for separation after being married for 10 years. Rodney tried to obtain her back in the days leading up to the assault. Throughout the very early hrs of January 1, 2021, a concealed male with an altered voice attacked Morgan in her room.

After defeating Morgan with a weapon, he attempted to suffocate her as well as zip-tied her hands behind her back. After that, the intruder sexually assaulted Morgan, put a pillow case over her head, and also left her on the back deck. The assailant asked Morgan not to relocate up until she listened to car honks, however she never ever did hear them.

Where is Morgan Metzer Today?

Soon after the attacker left, Rodney Metzer discovered Morgan and called 911. Upon comprehensive examination, the authorities at some point validated that Rodney was the masked man that attacked his ex-wife. Morgan later on stated, “He had intended on eliminating me and also eliminating himself.

On the program, she spoke about wanting Rodney not to get out on parole. Morgan appears to be doing much better today and currently resides in Georgia. She operates at an interior designing company as well as has considering that been utilizing social media to elevate understanding concerning vanity as well as gaslighting in connections. Apart from that, Morgan hangs out increasing her children and looking after family pets.

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