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Movie producers must be in association to practice NFVCB

By Gbenga Bada

The National Film and Video Censor Board (NFVCB), Abuja, has said that all film producers in Nigeria must register with a government recognised association in the industry to ply their trade.

“Now it is mandatory for all of us to belong to an association, recognised by NFVCB. If not, your work might not pass through the classification and if not, it becomes unrecorded,” Adedayo stressed.

The Executive Director, NFVCB, Thomas Adedayo, made this known in Asaba, Delta during a workshop organised by members of the Association of Movie Producers (AMP), Nigeria.

He stressed that practitioners had to belong to an association to practice, adding that with that they could get government approval to practice. “When such unrecorded work, the film is out, it becomes offensive to the government; this is where we have issues.”

At the workshop tagged: ‘Delta State Film Weekender Producers Master Class 2021’, Adedayo said the Asaba event could be classified as ‘A’ plus, seeing those ace actresses, actors, and movie producers came from far and near to grace the occasion.

“To all of you, a regulator is like someone with a hammer to kill your creativity but I must confess to you that the censor board has moved away from the killer of creativity to providing a platform and environment for you to flourish in your businesses.

“I came into the board, not because of the appointment alone but because I am part of you. I am a graduate of Theatre Art from the University of Jos,” he said.

Continuing, Adedayo said, “In the first place, Asaba from records, not the one with the NFVCB, produces about 400 movies on monthly basis, but on record, 416 movies in the entire country were what we have in censors board for the first quarter of 2021.

“This is killing creativity and the business of filmmaking in the country, film producing is not an entertainment, it has been recognised by the government as a sector of the economy, we employ the largest number of labour in Nigeria.

“We are first in the world in terms of content production, and then we should make the best use of what we have.”

He urged practitioners to get registered, adding that through the various associations, no film would last more than one week without censorship by the board.

“Censorship is now one week, no difficulty any longer in censorship in Nigeria, you don’t need agents, if your certificate is not ready in one week, query the officer,” Adedayo said.

“The going forward will be better, the NFVCB has decided to make the film industry a professional industry and there is the need to identify the professionals in the industry through your associations and guild,” he said.

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