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Movie Review: ‘Before valentine’ is a Nollywood disaster


Brooding about we are in Valentine’s season, seeing a movie title address “Sooner than Valentine” offers a cosy feeling. More address; we are about to have a lovey-dovey skills seeing the movie; nonetheless alas! So what did we obtain as a replacement?

“Sooner than Valentine’s” movie change into once set in a hairdressing salon, and it explored the lives of the four hairdressers within the salon. One thing all of them had on the total change into once them dwelling fraudulent lives and the diagram every of their secrets blew open is the crux of the tale.

Sugar, the shatter queen who claimed her mother and nephew are within the US and could well be coming over to spend Valentine’s with her in Nigeria. On the opposite hand, her mother change into once coming from the village, and everything went pass when her mother got misplaced. Sugar additionally had Nosa, a young guy who change into once in bask in with her and would develop something else to have her, nonetheless on the contrary, Sugar had her eyes on any individual else. So how did that damage up for Sugar?

Then, Chika, the Christian sister who had a Christian brother boyfriend, and everything perceived to be appropriate ultimate with her till her boyfriend comes to point out to her a day to Valentine’s, which additionally took place to be her birthday, and he or she declines. The quiz is, Why?

Tamara perceived to have the final observe marriage; a sizzling, rich husband who brings her to work daily and buys her loads of items. But is Tamara’s marriage ultimate?

At closing, the safe male hairdresser dresses and acts address a girl nonetheless tries to convince people, seriously his lady friend, that he isn’t ecstatic.

The storyline and set of Sooner than Valentine’s is nothing to be enraged about. It feels address the creator change into once writing a bask in tale for secondary college college students, and at the same time as you happen to address shimmering tales, it is seemingly you’ll well freak out watching Sooner than Valentine’s. Also, the creator tried rising comic scenes? That change into once an error due to there aren’t bigger than two humorous scenes within the movie. The most hectic fragment of the movie is the creator searching to carry in celebrities and taking a sight on the movie’s set, there were pointless. Love, I succor asking myself why Shaffy Bello, Dr SID and DJ Sose were in actuality in that movie! Whewww!!

The movie’s directing is graceful, and one can’t seriously blame the director due to there change into once limited or nothing he might additionally salvage with the storyline.

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The acting change into once appropriate graceful and in actual fact below moderate. On the opposite hand, actors address Bolajiu Ogunmola managed to face out within the movie and grab darkness from the nearly expressionless scenes with her vitality. There were additionally a couple of different perfect actors address Baaj Adebule and Yvonne Jegede. Uche Nwaefuna change into once graceful, same as Meg Otanwa. In all although, the acting wasn’t unbelievable.

The costume and make-up in Sooner than Valentine’s are perfect, and yeah, kudos to them. If no longer something else within the movie that introduced colour to the movie. The scenery is additionally charming, which is but some other plus to the movie.

In all, Nollywood movie; Sooner than Valentine’s is artistically lovely nonetheless creatively dejected. For ratings, this could occasionally obtain a 3/10


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