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Movie Review: Find out if ‘Bad Boys and Bridesmaids’ is worth your time


Whenever you hear the title “Depraved Boys and Bridesmaids”, you may maybe presumably maybe well presumably also practically repeat what the movie would entail. Of course, you may maybe presumably maybe well be having a peep at romance, infidelity and betrayal, but must you peep somebody like Nengi and Elozonam of Huge Brother Naija, you may maybe presumably maybe well be habitual about the drama to predict of within the movie.

Now, Let’s discuss the Nollywood movie; Depraved Boys and Bridesmaids, directed by Seyi Babatope.

The movie centres spherical a pair and their chums whose marriage ceremony had been in two days, and despite that the couple had agreed to no intercourse till marriage ceremony evening, the groom became once chronic about having intercourse alongside with his bride perfect two days earlier than the marriage ceremony.

At remaining, after considerable rigidity, his partner steered him that she and her clique of chums made a promise to encourage their virginity till their marriage ceremony evening and being the first to marry, she wouldn’t own to lose that.

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The groom, vastly very much surprised, steered his chums about this, and he and his assorted three chums determined to search out out if that became once honest by giving themselves the assignment of sleeping with every of the bridesmaids, including the groom sleeping alongside with his bride earlier than the acknowledged marriage ceremony evening. They set apart a value mark of $5,000, after which the hunt for intercourse started. Questioning where that ended? You would own to search out out your self.

Wisely, perfect just like the title predicted, the movie is a sexy romantic comedy that, despite the indisputable truth that a spectacular one, it wouldn’t be belief about a atrocious one. Honestly, the author will had been extra impressive by adding a tiny extra twist to it because the movie will more than seemingly be without verbalize predicted by a in fact analytical particular person. There became once barely any a part of shock, and there became once additionally in fact no wow moment at some level of the movie. With out a doubt, the storyline became once good ample but became once in fact bland. Brooding about the stage at which Nollywood is getting to, the author will own completed better with the storyline. In all of these, the truth that the movie had entirely a pair of forged became once an additional, and also you may maybe practically no longer gaze that there are no longer so many actors in it.

The directing isn’t so outstanding, but all once more, it will scoot for being honest. On the different hand, brooding about the director’s old work, that became once for scoot no longer his entirely shot at directing. One part to demonstrate, despite the indisputable truth that is that the casting with ideal, and despite the indisputable truth that the performing became once perfect honest and average, the casting became once a candy one. After which the pairing of the groomsmen with the bridesmaid? It became once perfect ideal.

One can no longer peep away from the trouble Mai Atafo set apart into the costuming, and that is one part that may maybe presumably maybe well set apart smiles to your face at some level of the movie.

One request the director desires to reply to is what that became once on the tip of the movie. Find it irresistible is intensely unrealistic for a bride to sleep off on her marriage ceremony day. Previous the pleasure, her chums left the resort without her? She didn’t ranking a place-up artist?

Her husband, whom she became once within the resort with, didn’t test her within the morning? That scene became once entirely pointless and unrealistic.

As a entire, Depraved Boys and Bridesmaids would scoot for a median movie, and in rankings, it will ranking a 5/10

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