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Movie Review: Producers of ‘Blood Hound’ owe us an apology


With a Nollywood film title like “Blood Hound”, that you can also be mosey to contain excessive expectations of the film. On the other hand, I’m in a position to no longer reveal in actual fact if “Blood Hound” is as charming as its title or honest one other Nollywood concern.

Effectively, let’s analyze it collectively.

Blood Hound is the memoir of a younger man Owei who used to be an armed robber working with a particular police officer who despatched him on his missions. He and his masses of gang member in regarded as one of their mini operations killed basically the most attention-grabbing son of a rich man, and the man used to be twisted on getting revenge on the loss of life of his son.

Owei and his gang grew to alter into basically the most wanted armed robbery in the enlighten, and the memoir revolves round how the police tried spicy them. Did the concept of the police be triumphant, or contain been Owei and his gang ready to destroy out?


The storyline and enlighten of Blood Hound aren’t so sure, and I doubt the creator took his/her to write a legit script. A formula or the other, the memoir used to be disjointed with so many needless scenes. The memoir had the possibility of being an vivid and charming one, but the enlighten used to be a entire error. It’s most likely you’ll possibly also waste up wondering when watching the importance of some scenes in the film. Additionally, that you can also be about 30 minutes into the film sooner than you even mark whatever director the memoir goes. In quick, Blood Hound doesn’t contain a mountainous enlighten.

The Directing of Blood Hound is regarded as one of many film’s main issues. Too many unbelievable actions and I marvel if the director used to be taking part in on the viewers’ intelligence. For instance, how is it that a extremely in unfortunate health wife of a rich man is in the home and no longer the sanatorium? How is it that they killed someone in set up and then boost, his body is in front of his father’s home by morning? How is it that most attention-grabbing five policemen went to raid a cartel of robbers? They even opened the gate, drove in, and no-one heard inside of the home? There are several others like that, they in most cases’re disturbing because these are avoidable errors. The directing of Blood Hound is a entire concern.


The performing used to be one other concern that made watching Blood Hound even more dull. Asides from a few actors like Wale Ojo, Eddie Watson and Abayomi Alvis, the performing used to be nothing to write dwelling about. There contain been few comely actors like Belinda Effa and Efe Irele who additionally held the memoir rather but largely, it used to be stuffed with wicked performing. Basically the most annoying scene used to be when Eddie’s son in the film used to be shot in his leg and hand, and he used to be shouting to find it irresistible used to be a slap they gave him. Gunshot o and I kept wondering if he would imagine his contain performing.

The cinematography, costume, and invent-up weren’t wicked as they’ll also skedaddle for moderate and a minimal of, seeing honest pictures used to be ample to withhold us in the cinema till the discontinue of the film.

Blood Hound would ranking 3/10


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