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Movie Review: What makes ‘Head Over Bills’ a good watch in the cinema


Seeing actors like Shaffy Bello, Bimbo Ademoye and Ego Nwosu in a film, you own gotten a thought of what to stay wide awake for. Effectively, is Head Over Funds a disappointment or an ethical stumble on? Let’s look.

Head Over Funds is the fable of a prosperous, industrious mother of three who is the CEO of Starlight Neighborhood of Companies. The mum, Mrs Ofili (Shaffy Bello), had grown the industry as a single mother who lost her husband, and all the pieces she and her husband labored for turned into taken away by his family.

Shut to retirement now, she finds none of her daughters unfit to take over her space as the firstborn is a disrespectful philanthropist who goes around sound asleep with younger males. The second is a wasteful spender who spent 20 million naira on birthday having a be taught about. The third is the logo supervisor of Starlight Neighborhood and is in a relationship with the firm’s critical competitor.

How did Mrs Ofili prepare her girls? How did every of the girls contend with their crisis? Who grew to alter into the CEO of Starlight Groups? What took attach to the firm in the discontinuance? Effectively, you’d safe the solutions in case you stumble on the film.

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The storyline and space of Head Over Funds is a tender one. The film is an elite one, and yes, the creator did smartly in achieving that. The film’s first scenes were furthermore a mighty technique to own launched the characters and even the warfare.

On the opposite hand, the film seemed overstretched because it ran for 125 minutes. Some experiences own stronger effects after they aren’t unnecessarily long, and unfortunately, the creator of Head Over Funds took away that end.

Regardless, the refined silly personality of Bimbo Ademoye carried out a large feature in no longer making the film expressionless. Kudos on that.

One other grief with the fable is that it seemed the creator turned into drained, and all for she had spent more than a few time doing the pointless, she rushed the ending. What took attach to Starlight Neighborhood in the discontinuance and its rivals? That decision turned into too mandatory to were left out.

The directing turned into furthermore an ethical one, and although there are a pair of flaws here and there, the director did an ethical job. I are seeking to quiz the director, even supposing, “Why did Muna sleep, own intercourse and wake up with her makeup on and her wig intact?” A couple of alternative flaws just precise showed the director didn’t eavesdrop on negate crucial facets. Regardless, the director did an very just precise job with the casting. The three sisters had identical physical attributes and picking Shaffy Bello as the mum turned into ethical.

The acting turned into even handed one of many highlights of Head Over Funds. Shaffy Bello killed that elite mother feature, and even the younger Shaffy Bello did a broad job. Bimbo Ademoye is a just precise attempting actress and the manner she can swap from the silly Bimbo to the emotional one after which the extreme one? It turned into the icing on the film. I prefer to brand why Bimbo would negate Accounting as Accountancy.

As restful as Anita Joseph’s personality turned into, she killed that feature! Shifting on, Ego Nwosu and Mofe Duncan are furthermore ethical actors, however for Rachael Okonkwo, it gave the influence of she turned into forcing herself to mix into the elite feature. It furthermore gave the influence of talking Queens English wasn’t for her as her acting didn’t streak as worthy as the others. Effectively, the acting as a entire wasn’t injurious at all. Kudos to all people.

I have to add that what the creator/director did with Anita Joseph’s personality turned into ethical. Talking of the cinematography, costume and makeup… they did an ethical job. Bawl out to the costume notably; those dresses were sizzling!

In all, Head Over Funds is an ethical stumble on and would procure an 8/10. That you might maybe maybe well also simply level-headed look it!


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