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Movie Review: Why ‘Over her dead body’ is not worthy of the cinema


For some members, after they look actors esteem Nse Ikpe Etim in a movie, they can roar how sharp the movie will possible be. So now, let’s look if Nollywood movie, Over Her Unimaginative Body is as sharp as members predicted.

Over Her Unimaginative Body is the account of a younger lady, Zara, whose mother in law hated for her incapacity to own a child for her son.

She brings a wife to the dwelling for her son, nonetheless it didn’t work no subject all effort to derive her son to sleep with the current wife.

One day, Zara’s husband tried searching for her opinion on him getting a second wife, and she talked about he may possibly possibly most practical derive a second wife over her useless physique. On one other occasion, she pretended to be dying correct to persuade Zara to both opt a second wife or divorce her son. She collected refused, announcing she may possibly possibly most practical allow that Over Her Unimaginative Body.

Upon announcing that, the spouse’s mother collided with a hired murderer to assassinate Zara, correct for her son to own a second wife. Did Zara die? Did her knowing work? Successfully, you’ll favor to search out out by yourself.

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The storyline in Over Her Unimaginative physique is feeble, and all it pictured used to be a slothful author who correct wished to position out one thing. There wasn’t a form of effort attach into developing the account, and it used to be evident in the account’s loose ends. The movie’s ending namely showed how uninterested the author used to be in placing out a professionally written account.

In its defence, the movie is a comedy, nonetheless since it doesn’t namely roam as a feel-correct movie, a extra structured account would had been appreciated. Then again, over Her Unimaginative Body has sharp taking part dialogue and that now not now not as a lot as saved the movie.

The actors carried the movie, and if now not for the very honest correct acting, many members would own possibly walked out of the cinema sooner than the halt of the movie. The acting used to be so correct that; it is uncomplicated to fail to recollect the account’s weak point.

Absolute self assurance, Nse Ikpe Etim is a appealing actress and a pride to appear. She didn’t disappoint in embodying her character in Over Her Unimaginative Body. Likewise, Ayo Mogaji has continuously been a pride to appear, and she didn’t disappoint in giving us the comedy the most practical manner.

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It’s miles sharp even to search out that the movie wasn’t star-studded, but the actors may possibly possibly lift the account with out dull the viewers. A huge kudos

The directing is as feeble because the movie’s feature, nonetheless then pondering the the same author directed the movie; one can now not search files from too a lot.

One can now not fail to see some flaws in the movie, esteem when Zara angrily left her condominium in the night and all immediately, a stranger comes and presents her a phone to call her friend. Where did the stranger come from? How used to be she capable of persuade him to liberate his phone.

Moreover, in a condominium the place the mother in law barges in at will, the wife never idea of locking the room? It didn’t feel proper.

Previous these, the color production, costume, and make-up weren’t execrable. By manner of ranking, Over Her Unimaginative Body would derive a 5/10.

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