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Mr. Harrigan Phone 2: Will There be a Mr. Harrigan Phone Sequel?

Based on Stephen King’s eponymous novella, Netflix’s horror movie ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ focuses on Mr. John Harrigan, a renowned businessman who finds haven in a huge estate in the town of Harlow in Maine. He works with a little child named Craig as his publication visitor. Craig and Harrigan wind up forming a special bond, which gets broken by the fatality of the businessman. During the funeral, Craig keeps Harrigan’s phone inside his coat and also he gets buried together with the phone.

‘ Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ advances via the consequences of the messages Craig obtains from Harrigan’s phone after the businessman’s funeral. The film received combined reviews from movie critics and also audiences alike yet amassed commends for the efficiencies of Jaeden Martell as Craig as well as Donald Sutherland as Harrigan.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone 2 Release Date

‘ Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ launched worldwide on October 5, 2022, on Netflix. As far as the potential customers of the sequel are worried, below’s what we can inform you.

After realizing the dangers of maintaining linked to Harrigan after the fatality of Deane Whitmore, Craig throws his phone however he maintains his new phone with the very same number. It is feasible that Harrigan will reach out to his good friend with Craig’s brand-new phone as well as the potential sequel can center around the business owner’s return to Craig’s life.

Additionally, although Harrigan desires Craig to accept his fatality as well as move on from him, he doesn’t have any reservations about securing Craig. If Craig gets into a life-altering or deadly circumstance, Harrigan might help him once more, even if it indicates extra deaths. If the sequel to the film appears, the movie can possibly depict Craig’s initiatives to come to be a film writer and also Harrigan securing him as he recognizes that the globe of movie theater is full of threats. The possible sequel does not even have to follow Craig because Harrigan can message someone else from his uncertain past.

In the film, Harrigan’s past is stated ambiguously as well as mysteriously. It appears that the business owner had an active life before involving Harlow. The possible sequel can bring someone from his past to the story and show the person’s reunion with Harrigan through the latter’s phone. Because Stephen King hasn’t composed a sequel to the resource director, screenwriter and also novella John Lee Hancock may conceive an original story for the feasible task. Taking into consideration these possibilities, a sequel to the film is certainly possible and if it obtains greenlit quickly, we can anticipate the ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ sequel to launch at some time in Q4 2024 or later.

Throughout the years, we have actually seen sequels to scary films obtaining greenlit greater than any other category. ‘It Chapter Two,’ ‘Terrifier 2,’ ‘A Quiet Place Part II,’ 2022 movie ‘Scream,’ etc are a testament to the raising popularity of sequels to prominent scary movies, that makes it clear that Hancock’s film without a doubt stands a possibility to get a narrative follow-up. If not, Netflix and the manufacturers of the movie might team up once more to take into consideration greenlighting an initial movie based upon one more novella from King’s collection ‘If It Bleeds,’ which also includes the eponymous resource novella of ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.’

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