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Music: Nathaniel Bassey – Olorun Agbaye (You Are Mighty) (feat. Chandler Moore & OBA)

MP3 audio download 'Olorun Agbaye (You Are Mighty)' by Nathaniel Bassey feat. Chandler Moore & OBA. Gospel Singer Nathaniel Bassey has a powerful song that will make high in the spirit and tongue.

  • Olorun Agbaye (You Are Mighty)
  • by:Nathaniel Bassey
  • featuring:Chandler Moore & OBA
  • year:2020

Gospel Singer Nathaniel Bassey has a powerful song that will make high in the spirit and tongue talking. It’s titled “Olorun Agbaye” (You Are Mighty) and it features Chandler Moore and Oba.

He says,

Shalom Saints!

I just don’t understand why ITUNES and co. could not wait! Slated this release for 6pm Nigerian time, but over sabi dey worry them . Anyway, I got a notification that this is. I’m available on iTunes and other platforms. I know some of you are already swimming in this. Please take care!

Also link is available on my bio.

But our semi-Pro, long distance video , featuring @chandlerdmoore and @obamusic1 will premier still at 6pm Nigerian time.

Go listen and be blessed.


Be careful towards the end. As it can make you high and tongue talking !


Listen to the song below.

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