Narcos-Saints Season 1 Recap and Ending, Explained: Is Jeon Arrested?

Narcos-Saints Season 1 Recap and Ending, Explained: Is Jeon Arrested?

It complies with Kang In-gu, an average business from South Korea who moves to Suriname to start an angling service. Kang’s life transforms upside down when he is roped right into a plot to jail a medication lord, Jeon Yo-hwan, who has taken over the tiny country. As a result, Kang has to navigate a number of obstacles and adjust events to catch Jeon.

Narco-Saints Season 1 Recap

‘Narco-Saints’ adheres to Kang In-gu, a poor guy living in South Korean suburbs that has a hard time to make ends meet. Kang is a wise business owner that knows how to discuss great bargains.

Eungsoo recommends an organization concept to Kang regarding moving and also marketing skate, a fish located abundantly in Suriname but not consumed. It is popular in Korea and readily available cheaply in Suriname. Thus, Kang sees an opportunity to make good money and markets all his services, and also transfers to the South American nation. With Eungsoo, Kang establishes a fishing company in Suriname.

Kang runs into difficulty with the Chinese medication supplier Chen Jin who demands a cut in the business. Kang satisfies Pastor Jeon Yo-hwan and tells him regarding his issues with Cheng. Kang is arrested as well as deals with a tough sentence until Choi Chang-ho comes to his rescue.

Chang-ho is a NIS representative and also discloses that Pastor Jeon is a medicine lord who manages the majority of the drug circulation in South Korea. He has vendors in Colombia and also runs his operation using the church as a front. Chang-ho explains that Jeon attempted making use of Kang’s company to smuggle his drug. He provides Kang liberty in exchange for help in arresting Jeon. After some consideration, Kang settles on the problem that he is spent for the task. Chang-ho agrees, and Jeong makes a decision to collaborate with the NIS as an undercover agent.

Kang draws Jeon making use of Cheng and also discloses that he has a supplier in Asia who can market Jeon’s cocaine in the area. Quickly, a deal is concurred upon, but neither Jeon nor Kang count on each various other. As an outcome, Chang-ho and Kang have to create a brand-new strategy to capture the well-known medication lord.

Jeon discovers himself stuck in a tight spot in the sixth as well as final episode. His contract with Chen ends with the loss of his consignment. Therefore, Jeon is compelled to eliminate Chen as well as his guys to gain back the drugs. After recuperating the drugs, Jeon approaches Sangman and attempts to build an additional offer. Jeon makes a decision to make use of Puerto Rico after refusing the route previously. As a result, Sangman is not persuaded of the bargain. Nevertheless, after Jeon offers to relocate the consignment promptly, Sangman, also known as Chang-ho, agrees.

On the other hand, Jeon is tired of the offer due to recent occasions such as David Park’s death and also the treatment of the Brazilian army. Kang attempts to convince Chang-ho to hand over the drug shipment. As a result, Chang-ho’s plan to detain Jeon throughout the handover is thrown into turmoil.

Chang-ho functions with the DEA to perform a strike on Jeon’s base. Jeon tries to get away yet is stopped by Kang. The 2 fight until Chang-ho shows up to arrest Jeon.

Does Kang Get His Money?

After his service strategy stops working since of Jeon, Kang gets one more chance to make cash through Chang-ho and also the NIS. According to the offer that Kang makes with Chang-ho, he will be paid 5 million won if he successfully assists capture Jeon.

It is a touching moment that grounds Kang and also assists him understand that remaining with his family members is much more essential than money. In the end, Chang-ho fulfills Kang at his residence in South Korea. When Kang asks concerning his due payment, Chang-ho explains that the NIS can not pay him directly.

During the closing minutes, Chang-ho exposes a message Jeon sent for Kang. Jeon desires the baseball with the fake sign that Kang had taken from his home. Nevertheless, Chang-ho reveals that Jeon informed him the sign is real. After recognizing this, Kang is surprised, and the episode finishes. The last scene suggests that the signed baseball is n=incrediably valuable and also can assist Kang earn enough money to improve his family members’s lifestyle. The series wraps up with Kang’s pursuit to rent out with his household and make more cash.

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