Naruto Classic Guide to the Seasons 9 of the Naruto anime

Naruto Classic Season 2

Released there in 2002, Naruto (the classic) reached 220 episodes and remains, to this day, among the most watched anime in the world. And here you will find a guide to the 9 seasons (available on Crunchyroll and Netflix) , in case you want to remember the anime or for those who are thinking about getting to know the amazing world of the young ninja now.

Season 1

Naruto Classic Season 1

Episodes: 1 to 26
Fillers: Episode 26

A 12-year-old aspiring ninja, Naruto grew up under the scorn of the residents of his village, the Hidden Leaf Village. For this reason, he dreamed of growing up as a ninja and one day becoming Hokage, leader of the place, to earn the respect of the villages. Naruto understands that this challenge will be even greater than he expected when he discovers that he is the host of a demonic fox known as the Nine-Tails. This entity devastated Vila Oculta da Folha 12 years ago. For this reason, Naruto was always treated badly by his village, since the entity, after being defeated, was sealed in him.

On his way to becoming a ninja, Naruto meets other young warriors. He becomes part of the so-called Team 7 under the guidance of Professor Hatake Kakashi. His teammates are Sasuke Uchiha, his longtime rival; and Sakura Haruno, a friend he had a romantic interest in, but who had feelings for Sasuke.

The season follows the different challenges that the trio and other students must pass before facing the chunin exam. As well as the development of the ninja partnership between Naruto and Sasuke, who find they fight well together. In this context, we meet the young Gaara of the Desert, Rock Lee, Hinata and Kabuto, the latter trying to pass the exam several times.

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Season 2

Naruto Classic Season 2

Episodes : 27 to 52
Fillers: –

The second part of the chunin exam begins. Now young ninjas have to face different challenges to get a scroll from opposing teams. During this task, the trio ends up meeting a dangerous and mysterious ninja who identifies himself as Orochimaru. He takes a sinister interest in Sasuke and even marks him with a cursed seal.

During the various dangers that Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke go through, the episodes show the growth of each one, with each other and also with new characters that are introduced to the audience, such as Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi, a trio that forms the iconic Ino-Shika-Cho group. The young ninjas continue to struggle to pass the new stage of the exam, but one of them will reveal himself as an ally of Orochimaru, while he passes on information from his colleagues to the powerful ninja.

The third phase of the chunin exam will consist of a series of melee matches between pairs, with the winners advancing to the following stages. During battles, we accompany new ninjas such as Shino Aburame, Temari, Tenten and Neji. The chapters of this third phase keep one of the most iconic fights in anime to date: Gaara x Rock Lee. With Kakashi assuming Sasuke’s protection, Naruto is left without a tutor.

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Season 3

Naruto Classic Season 3

Episodes: 53 to 78
Fillers: –

Naruto starts training with the powerful Jiraya, who will help him better control his chakra and his relationship with the Nine-Tails, even if it requires extreme measures. Kabuto and a jounin from Vila Occulta da Areia plan an invasion of Vila da Folha by those from Areia and Som. The chunin exam finalists continue to train.

The similarities between Gaara’s and Naruto’s past are revealed, but the path Gaara took is much darker, with the young ninja believing his only purpose is to kill those who get in the way of his goals. The Chunin Exam battles ensue, such as the long-awaited confrontation between Sasuke and Gaara. The battle, however, is interrupted by Orochimaru and Kabuto, who start the invasion of the Village Hidden in the Leaf.

Orochimaru captures the Third Hokage, and an unparalleled fight ensues. Sasuke looks for Gaara, while Sakura, Naruto and Shikamaru try to catch up and stop him. Fights spread throughout the village, which appears to be being destroyed. Konohamaru evacuates the school. Now it’s Naruto and Gaara who are facing each other, and they both use the powers of the tailed beasts they carry.

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Season 4

Naruto Classic Season 4

Episodes: 79 to 104
Fillers: episodes 97 and 101 to 104

The battle between Naruto and Gaara ensues, as do the other fights between Kakashi, Guy and everyone else against the invaders. The Third Hokage manages to perform a sealing and disables Orochimaru’s arms forever, but ends up dying in the process. After the Third Hokage’s demise, Kabuto and the invaders take Orochimaru and flee. Jiraiya is chosen as Fifth Hokage, but he denies the position and appoints Tsunade.

Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke’s brother, arrives at the Hidden Leaf Village in search of the Fourth Hokage’s Legacy. Kakashi fights Itachi while reminiscing about the conversation he had with Jiraya, so he takes care of Naruto given the interest other people have in getting the Fox’s abilities. Itachi leaves the village, but follows Naruto, who was traveling with Jiraya. Sasuke sets out in search of Itachi, distraught over his return and his interest in Naruto, and recalls how his brother killed the entire Uchiha clan.

Tsunade must make a big decision that could put everyone at risk. In a new battle against Orochimaru, she and Tsunade team up, reuniting for the first time the three Legendary Sannin, who were once teammates at the Ninja Academy.

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Season 5

Naruto Classic Season 5

Episodes: 105 to 130
Fillers: Episodes 105 and 106

Sasuke is frustrated to see Naruto’s rapid growth. Although Kakashi stops a fight between the two and talks to Sasuke, the young ninja eventually accepts the Sound Four’s invitation to meet Orochimaru, much to Sakura’s dismay. Shikamaru, Naruto, Kiba, Chouji and Neji are given the mission to bring Sasuke back to Vila da Folha.

Sasuke ends up in a coma sealed in a barrel to contain the cursed seal’s contamination. He is taken away by the Sound Four, while the others try to retrieve him. Everyone takes great risks in an attempt to save Sasuke. Unable to wait for Sasuke’s body, Orochimaru takes another body. Different battles for Sasuke’s possession continue. Rock Lee and Gaara arrive to help the group. Naruto catches up to Sasuke and the two begin to fight.

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Season 6

Naruto Classic Season 6

Episodes: 131 to 156
Fillers: episodes 136 to 140, 142 to 156

Sasuke’s memory shows the moment he found, as a child, his entire family killed by his brother Itachi. On the day, Itachi told Sasuke that if he wanted to avenge his family, he would need to get much stronger. And that in order to develop his own Mangekyo Sharingan, he would need to kill his best friend. Back in the present, Sasuke says that he will kill Naruto for that reason.

They follow the fight, which would also become one of the most memorable battles in the anime. Naruto tries to convince Sasuke to stop, but uses the Nine-Tails’ chakra to defeat his friend. Meanwhile, Sasuke activates Stage 2 of his cursed mark. When he was about to kill Naruto, however, Sasuke refused to follow Itachi’s path and made his way to Orochimaru, determined to gain power his way.

Naruto declines Jiraiya’s invitation to travel and train with him for three years, and states that he needs to train to save Sasuke. In turn, Sasuke arrives at Orochimaru’s lair to become his apprentice. The criminal organization Akatsuki discusses what to do with this turn of events. Naruto, Sakura and Jiraiya set out on a mission to rescue Sasuke. Back in Konoha, Sakura decides to become Tsunade’s apprentice to become a medical ninja.

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Season 7

Naruto Classic Season 7

Episodes: 157 to 182
Fillers: All (filler season)

The Hidden Leaf Village is under attack by the Kurosuki clan. Naruto, Rock Lee and Neji fight the group’s leader, Raiga. The following filler episodes feature different plots, such as a mission to train young ninjas’ leadership and navigation skills and a search for a wanted thief.

An investigation into reports of a ghost and the discovery of a plot behind it occupies the ninjas for a few chapters. In another arc, Naruto and the group must deal with the aftermath of one of Orochimaru’s experiments. In the final arc of this season, Naruto tries to protect a mysterious emitting star and chakra from the greed of other ninjas.

Season 8

Naruto Classic Season 8

Episodes: 183 to 208
Fillers: All (filler season)

Also composed of filler episodes, this season features different arcs and stories, such as Naruto needing to help a dog infected by a mysterious bacteria, Shino being affected by a laughing potion, and Naruto, Hinata and Choji’s new mission to escort a group of merchants in the Land of Vegetables and protect them from ninjas on the way.

The chapters also narrate the events around the dojo created by Rock Lee to improve his techniques and receive possible opponents, and bring adventures such as the mission that led Naruto, Hinata and Kiba to have contact with supernatural phenomena, recovery and the trial by fire. by Rock Lee, and the moment when a young ninja with the ability to make what she designs come true puts Konoha at risk.

Season 9

Naruto Classic Season 9

Episodes: 209 to 220
Fillers: episodes 209 to 219

A season made up almost entirely of filler episodes, this batch of chapters featured stories such as Naruto, Lee and Sakura’s mission to transport a criminal to the Land of Forests for trial; and Naruto’s adventure alongside Neji and Tenten to help a young ninja regain his memories.

The Village Hidden in the Sand is the setting for the anime’s final arc, with Naruto teaming up with the Konoha 11 to help Gaara and his team face the Men of the Four Heavenly Symbols. At the end of the arc, everyone returns to the Hidden Leaf Village to continue their training. Ino also becomes Tsunade’s student. And Naruto leaves for his two and a half year training with Jiraiya, who has returned with information about Akatsuki’s plans.


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