Neil Gaiman Addressed To Coraline 2 Rumors And Fans May Be Disappointed

Neil Gaiman Addressed To Coraline 2 Rumors And Fans May Be Disappointed

Writer Neil Gaiman addressed the Coraline 2 rumors that fans have been pleading for given that its release back in 2009. Gaiman’s initial story, released back in 2002, focused around the character of Coraline as she and her household relocation right into a creepy brand-new house – where she discovers a concealed door that relatively delivers her into an alternate, dark-tainted parallel universe.

Coraline bewares as she discovers this wicked world and also the threats that feature it, eventually resulting in her recognizing she is placing her real family and also her very own life at risk. Coraline was adjusted by Nightmare Before Christmas supervisor Henry Selick, who joined as writer, manufacturer, and director. He wasn’t alone though, as Selick was joined by a star-studded cast that included Dakota Fanning as Coraline, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Keith David, Ian McShane, John Hodgman, and Robert Bailey Jr. Coraline was generated in stop-motion animation by Laika, debuting as their very first main feature film. The flick widely received praise for not only its visual effects yet its commitment and also devotion to the initial novel as well.

Coraline went on to obtain an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Feature. Due to Coraline’s substantial success in both the Academy and also theatrical field, it normally made fans presume there would eventually be a follow up at some factor. A fan took to Twitter and also straight asked Gaiman if the rumor of a feasible Coraline 2 flick coming out later on this year is true.

All he tweeted back was a simple, straight-forward, “No.” His response is unbelievably frustrating, this isn’t the very first time that the writer has actually rejected the idea of a potential sequel. In very early 2021, one follower asked Gaiman for a sequel, which he inevitably rejected as a result of the reality that he felt whatever tale he might invoke would simply not be better or out-do the original.

Sometimes, when a film has a lot success it can result in an anxiety of ever touching it once again, as a result of in some way disrupting its magic. In all reality, this logic is rather fair thinking about several films as well as collection for many years have most absolutely overstayed their welcome as well as dragged the legacy that they had actually developed to a stalemate. Coraline may not be obtaining a sequel any kind of time quickly, fans can look out for Gaimain’s upcoming adjustment of The Sandman, which is established to drop on Netflix later on this year.

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