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NEMSA: we await legislation to demolish houses under transmission line

By John Ofikhenua, Abuja

The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) has said it is expecting the passage of legislation from the National Assembly to empower it to demolish houses under the transmission line also known as high tension.

“But removing those premises will require appropriate legislation, which the National Assembly has actually worked on. We have just been informed that there is something coming in that direction,” the Managing Director, Engr. Peter Ewesor said.

Being the Chief Electrical Inspector of the Federation, he told The Nation in an interview that the agency has received information that a directive to actualize this is underway.

According to him, to remove the demolish the houses will require a task force of security agencies and some representation from the three tiers of government.

He said the security backup is important since there will be resistance from the residents.

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Speaking with our correspondent in his office in Abuja, he recalled that in the bid to discourage people from remaining on the right of way, the agency in 2018 directed the 12 distribution companies to disconnect them from the power supply.

He expressed hope that the step will dissuade the dwellers since life will become unbearable for them without electricity.

His words:” So we issued an instruction to the DisCos since 2018 that henceforth to deter people from living under the transmission line, or the powerline, whether 33 or 330KV they should disconnect the houses and they have disconnected them.

“Some could not have the facility and some could not continue to on generators forever. They are moving. They are finding their way. I think the next step is where we start from removing those premises.”

The decision was a sequel to the Calabar viewing centre incident that claimed lives.

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