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Netflix 1899: Who All are Present in the Spaceship?

The travelers come from various nations, one thread that attaches all of them is trauma. When Kerberos strangely finds its sister ship, Prometheus, abandoned in the ocean, the tale takes a dark turn.

One of the essential elements of the show is its setting. The various personalities’ backstories as well as the inexplainable events play out either on the ship or in the personalities’ dreams. At the very least, that’s what the target market assumes up until Maura wakes up in a spaceship, and the year isn’t ‘1899’ but 2099. There are numerous other individuals together with her, yet they aren’t awake. So, who all exist on the spaceship in 2099, as well as how did they arrive? Well, we’ve obtained an answer for you.

Who All are Present in the Spaceship?

Mostly all characters experiencing injury exist on the ship other than Daniel, Elliot, and Henry. Individuals present on the ship include Virginia Wilson, Eyk, Krester, Tove, Iben, Anker, Olek, Ling Yi, Ling Yi’s mommy, Ángel, Ramiro, Lucien, Clémence, as well as Jérome.

If we look at the people on the spacecraft, we’ll see that every person that has had a desire is present. Individuals like Krester, Ling Yi’s mommy, Clémence, and Olek are existing as well.

One concept that discusses this is that in spite of not having desires, the various other personalities were either present in somebody else’s dreams or have an injury of their very own, which hasn’t come to light. Ángel as well as Ramiro point out exactly how they have actually come onto the ship after the latter killed someone.

There’s a good possibility it can be Daniel since just he as well as Maura figure out the previous simulation and also come out of it. It reads, “Project Prometheus: Survival Mission to 42.043240 -44.375760” Beneath this, there are information concerning the number of passengers, staff participants, as well as the existing date.

If we look at the coordinates, they are rather similar to the collaborates of the shed ship, Prometheus. Thinking about the spaceship additionally has the exact same name, this could likely be an additional simulation. Individuals present on the spacecraft will currently have to collaborate to debunk yet another puzzle.

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