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Netflix Movie Review: Causes you have to see A Naija Christmas presently!


It’s Christmas season, and when folks heard that the Nollywood movie “A Naija Christmas” became as soon as out, there became as soon as excitement towards seeing a movie that will usher us into the Christmas season.

Then all over again, we need to salvage out if the Netflix movie, A Naija Christmas with out a doubt plan the tempo for Christmas or an attempt long gone tainted.

A Naija Christmas is the account of a girl who has three grown-up sons who, for some reason, have refused to salvage married. Their refusal to salvage married causes their mother heartache, mainly because a girl in her Church team is continuously bragging about grandchildren. Sadly, her 2d son, who even took a step by proposing to his female friend, became as soon as turned down publicly, which landed their mother in the hospital.

Involved to have grandchildren, she tells her three sons that the principle particular person to bring a girl home between then and Christmas day would inherit her multi-million naira home.

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Naturally, this straight away breeds competition among the many predominant two brothers. As for the final, he wasn’t .

The first one became as soon as in debt, and he wanted the home to market it off, whereas the 2d son favored the home and continuously craved the premise of constructing a family in it.

The first son became as soon as ready to circulation any size to salvage the home, along side turning correct into a church drummer to salvage the choir mistress whom the mummy favored very worthy. Did he salvage the choir mistress? Did he salvage the home? Who finally got married first?

Although no longer spectacular, the account isn’t a base one. It became as soon as neatly conception out and beautifully delivered as neatly. For one, A Naija Christmas correct made it obtrusive that one doesn’t need to plan too worthy to recount a upright storyline. While still passing the message in the route of, the account managed to embody the spirit of Christmas.

The directing wasn’t short of expectation, and brilliant entirely neatly how upright Kunle Afolayan is as a director and filmmaker, the movie became as soon as as upright as predicted.

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Absolute self belief there are minor flaws that aren’t anticipated of an even director admire Kunle, but the general output of the movie would nearly no longer kill you look a majority of these flaws. Also, how he managed to check a duplicate of Rachael Oniga in a scene that became as soon as shot after her demise is extremely commendable, and that reveals how attentive to ingredient Kunle Afolayan is.

The performing became as soon as also very objective correct, and one would know the director fastidiously selected these he establish in the movie.

The synergy between the brothers became as soon as easily, and their scenes had been thrilling to see collectively. Then all over again, the synergy between Efa Iwara and his supposed finest objective correct friend wasn’t there at all, and it makes one surprise if the characters are finest pals.

Then all over again, Efa did an very objective correct job depicting his position as a nerd, and can need to you haven’t seen him in various motion footage, you would possibly per chance perhaps per chance nearly sigh that is how he’s in real life. One other mighty actor is Adedimeji Lateef, who barely spoke in the route of the movie, but his presence became as soon as felt whenever his scenes came up.

In the initiating of the movie, the track already plan the Christmas tempo, and though subtle, your total movie still had the Christmas vibe.

The manufacturing as a full became as soon as a upright one, and though some folks would have wanted one thing that had more of the Christmas vibe, concerned regarding the title, A Naija Christmas is a upright see. It would possibly probably per chance perhaps salvage an 8/10.

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