Netflix’s End of the Road and Ending, Explained: Who is Mr. Cross?

Netflix’s End of the Road and Ending, Explained: Who is Mr. Cross?

The events frequently leave the audience on the edge of their seat, hoping that the personalities make it out of the treacherous setting where they are entraped with no one to call for help. In the end, the Freemans do whatever it takes to survive. If you are wondering whether or not they make it out alive, after that below’s what you ought to understand.

End of the Road Plot Synopsis

After her other half Jake got sick, she needed the money for his therapy, which she obtained from taking finances from the bank. It is a three-day ride, as well as they are accompanied by Brenda’s brother, Reggie. They just do not have the cash to pay for anything that is not prepared.

They spend the first night of the trip in a motel, the most affordable they can discover. Later that evening, a guy is murdered in the following room. He had stolen money from a drug lord called Mr. Cross, who has connections to the Sinaloa cartel. While his aggressor leaves him behind, Brenda and also Reggie try to aid the man who passes away not long after. Unbeknownst to Brenda, Reggie discovers a bag packed with money in the man’s room as well as takes it. This blunder develops a lot of issues for the Freeman family, with each of them coming extremely near death.

End of the Road Ending: Who is Mr. Cross?

The trouble with stealing the dead male’s cash is that it belonged to Mr. Cross. The Freemans recognize that they can’t trust any person, specifically since they are in an area that is full of white supremacists, who would certainly not wait to kill all four of them. In a final spin, it turns out Mr. Cross is none other than Hammers.

We initially satisfy Hammers at the scene of the crime, where he explains that he has sought Mr. Cross for a long time. He seems intent on meeting the Freemans as well as taking their statements, also when that’s already been done by various other police officers. He gets Brenda’s number from the policeman who spoke with her and asks her to find back, but when she declines, he provides to fulfill her someplace on the way. For a moment, this makes it resemble Hammers is the person determined on lowering Mr. Cross. It isn’t until later on that every little thing comes into point of view.

It was Hammers who showed up that night at the motel and killed the man who took his cash while the Freemans were sleeping following door. He does not anticipate the Freemans to take the money, yet when they do, he tries to approach them as a cops officer, hoping that they ‘d trust him and give back the cash without any difficulty.

When Brenda makes it clear that she is not going to come back to the motel and will certainly talk to Hammers on her very own terms, he makes a decision to take a different route to connect with her. As quickly as Hammers’ call is reduced, Brenda gets an additional, apparently from Mr. Cross. He asks Brenda to bring back the money, as well as she does not put 2 and also 2 with each other.

When a dispatch records Brenda’s overspeeding, an actual police officer would certainly have had her stopped so that they could get to her as well as talk to her regarding the murder. Rather, Hammers tells various other police officers to back down as well as let Brenda go, due to the fact that he knows that she is going for his cash.

They translate it as an assault from Mr. Cross’ cartel. When we uncover that he is Mr. Cross, his every activity begins to fall into area.

What Happens to Mr. Cross’ Money?

Problem starts for the Freemans when Reggie takes Mr. Cross’ cash. He didn’t know that he was stealing from a drug lord. All he knew was that his sister was seriously seeking help as well as with the cash guaranteed, they ‘d have sufficient to start over and also remain in a better place. He attempts to encourage Brenda to maintain the money, but she knows that it is blood money which implies that absolutely nothing good can appear of it. Her concerns are proven right when the money lands them in trouble with Mr. Cross.

While running away from Hammers’ home, as soon as again, Reggie asks Brenda to maintain the money. Once again, she declines, so Reggie leaves behind the bag however takes some money from it.

Despite his plans, Reggie is not able to keep the money a secret. When Reggie offers to pay for it, Brenda takes one look at him and suspects that he has done something wrong. When he reveals that he stole some of the money from the bag, she tells him to return it.

Anybody who knew about the money is dead now, so the Freemans are complimentary to take the money as well as do whatever they want with it. After her kids sustain Reggie’s actions, Brenda is required to reevaluate her position as well as chooses that it would benefit her household to make use of that cash to restart their lives. Without one following them currently, they can finally live in tranquility.

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