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Ngor Okpala bye-election: PDP accuses APC candidate of sponsoring thugs to attack members

Members of the Peoples Democratic Occasion , PDP, in Imo Yell, savor accused the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Blyden Amajirionwu, of sponsoring thugs to assault the celebration campaign prepare at Ntu in Ngor Okpala Local Executive Yell of the allege.

Addressing journalists on Monday, Comrade Collins Opurozor, Director Overall, Recent Media of the PDP, alleged that the celebration supporters had been ambushed and attacked by hoodlums who wielded various weapons.

In response to the celebration, “Members and supporters of the celebration sustained a lot of levels of injuries and campaign vehicles smashed. Right here’s coming just a few days to the bye-election for Ngor Okpala Yell Constituency slated for Saturday, February 26, 2022.

“The conceal of shame, which is an additional confirmation that democracy in Imo Yell is seriously jeopardized below Hope Uzodinma, is deeply troubling, and it wants to be condemned by each one.

“The Inspector-Overall of Police would perchance presumably savor to peaceable, therefore, straight away arrest Blyden Amajirionwu and field him to painstaking interrogation, investigation and arraignment to stem the tide of violence in Ngor Okpala.

“Every patriotic Nigerian need to now dispute up and would perchance presumably savor to peaceable never relax out and behold Ngor Okpala become one other killing self-discipline which some parts of Imo savor since become.

“One technique to decisively take care of this and nip the emerging insecurity in Ngor Okpala within the bud, is by making sure that this most valorous mayhem unleashed on harmless PDP supporters is never at all times allowed to head unpunished. Blyden Amajirionwu has become a national security threat, and need to straight away be arrested!

“In the closing two years, Imo has been plagued by very many anti-democratic realities. Non-public citizens, journalists and critics were arrested and detained. Protesting workers and pensioners were rounded up and overwhelmed like beasts. All democratic institutions, including the parliament, were dismantled, and the worst win of dictatorial fascism foisted on the allege by Uzodinma.

“What’s essentially weird and unacceptable too is that the attackers, as the victims and eyewitnesses alleged, overtly spoke of their membership of the APC and affinity with one Blyden Amajirionwu, who happens to be the factional candidate of the APC in Saturday’s bye-election. This field need to therefore never be treated with levity.

“If the APC in Imo Yell and its candidate in Ngor Okpala would perchance additionally very neatly be caught within the act, assisting and abetting violence, what completely different evidence is required to achieve that the celebration and its chieftains savor inquiries to answer over the festering violence in Imo? Thousands of harmless citizens, as neatly as legislation enforcement brokers, savor lost their lives on this orgy of insecurity. It’s a heartbreaking danger in Imo. The bestial assaults on PDP contributors this day in Ngor Okpala savor fortuitously provided a befitting clue into the perplexing insecurity within the allege.”

When contacted for response, Hon. Blyden Amajirionwu, debunked the claims that he became accountable for the assault on PDP campaign prepare, describing it as fallacy.

He said, “I’m seriously pained that some ungodly insinuations in some quarters savor linked me with the terrible saga, nonetheless I need the PDP to conceal their allegation beyond mere phrases.”

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