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Nicolas Cage Returns to Vampires in Renfield


Nicolas Cage and vampires! If these two ideas mashed collectively sound thrilling to you, then you certainly’ll favor to retain an ear out for this! The Cage himself is decided to play the one and entirely Dracula in a dread-comedy movie titled Renfield, and it’s slated for an April 2023 inaugurate!

The movie will primarily focal level on the titular personality played by Nicholas Hoult (X:Men: Darkish Phoenix). In the contemporary new, Renfield grows an obsession with Dracula and begins feasting on animals. He hopes for Dracula to grant him vampiric immortality, but the count himself never grants him his wants. In step with Collider, the movie will focal level on Renfield deciding to interrupt free of his master and attempting to be his internet particular person again. Thanks to a production photo teaser, it changed into revealed that the movie shall be region nowa days in space of be a interval piece. Joining Cage and Hoult shall be Awkwafina (Shang-Chi and the Chronicle of the Ten Rings), Ben Schwartz (Sonic the Hedgehog), Adrian Martinez (The Blacklist: Redemption), Bess Rouss (2016’s Ghostbusters), Shohreh Agdashloo (The Expanse), and James Moses (Queenpins).

Renfield shall be directed by Chris McKay, who has a promising occupation with the credits, from episodes of the Grownup Swim series Upright Orel, to The Lego Batman Film, to The The following day Battle. McKay appears to have a trusty fluctuate of every excessive and hilarious, which makes this divulge setup promising. Credited for writing the movie is Ryan Ridley, whose earlier credits encompass Rick and Morty and an episode of Prime Video’s Invincible.

The Lengthy Ancient past of The Prince of Darkness

For sure, this isn’t the principle time we’ve considered Dracula on the silver masks in this type of style. Bram Stoker’s gothic legend has confirmed his face endless times within the cinema, the total arrangement support to the quiet generation with Nosferatu. This moreover isn’t the principle time we’ve considered the favorite vampire in a extra comedic position, as his most show masks incarnation sooner than Renfield is from the hit fascinating movie series Resort Transylvania, where the vampire is a doting father and grandfather. Dracula has quite the fluctuate, so a dread-comedy would possibly per chance well blow their own horns to be a acquainted but fun take on the personality.

This moreover isn’t a up to date journey for Nicolas Cage as an actor both. Fans of Cage would possibly per chance well prefer one amongst his earliest roles fervent vampires as properly, as he starred within the 1989 comedy-dread Vampire’s Kiss. In the movie, Cage performs a young man who falls in worship with a vampiress and spends a trusty amount of the movie believing she changed into him into one. The movie changed into regarded as a flop at the time but has since won a cult following for Cage’s over-the-high performance. It changed into moreover the provision of the “You Don’t Insist?” meme, in preserving with one amongst the intense faces Cage makes within the movie.

There’s a huge gamble Renfield shall be a form of “turning of the tables” for Cage within the tremendous arrangement. His first vampire movie fervent him being the loopy chew sufferer, and in Renfield, he’ll be playing the opposing vampire as a substitute! Audiences will favor to wait and watch if that’s what happens, but with any luck, the wait won’t feel too prolonged.

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