Nigerians must be prudent to survive gloomy economy – Tidi

By Shola O’Neil, Warri

The Chairman of Warri South council area of Delta State, Dr Michael Tidi, has urged Nigerians and members of the council to be more prudent in management of their resources in view of the prevailing harsh economic climes worldwide.

Tidi, who spoke during the 14th Annual General Meeting of the Warri South Staff Welfare Multipurpose Cooperative Society at the council in Warri metropolis, urged members to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the cooperative society to better their lives.

He said people must shun engagements that could lead to waste and expending of resources in activities that do not add value to their lives, family and the society.

He said, “Please look at what is happening in the country and around the world. These are not the best of times. So whatever comes into your hands now, please use it judiciously.”

The council boss who is serving a second term in office, noted, “These past years have been quiet rewarding in the sense that I believed we have had a robust working relationship amongst ourselves. I have seen how the staffers in this Council have gone about their duties with all sense of professionalism, decorum and respect for the rules.”

“When it comes to the cooperative society, I have also been inundated with reports and briefs off how you all have equally contributed to the collective till and how the cooperative have, in no small measure, impacted in your lives and your welfare.”

“For that I want to commend, not just the President and his Executive members, but you all who have played your roles one way or the other in strengthening the cooperative.

“I want to ask you that whatever you get in the cooperative, you should plow it into a profitable venture so that at the end of the day, you will be able to get something in return.

“It’s not enough to belong to such cooperative society and when you are given money, the first thing you think of doing is to go and marry a second wife. This is not good.”

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