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Nigerians react as Pretty Mike attends wedding with babies [VIDEO]

Controversial Nigerian socialite, Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike, has come under attack for storming a wedding venue with different women pushing babies in strollers.

In a viral video on Saturday, Pretty Mike, known for pulling such bizarre stunts, drew attention to himself at the wedding of fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani in Lagos.

The popular club owner stormed the wedding venue with different women, each pushing a baby in a stroller and of course, which stirred reactions on Twitter.

This is not the first time Pretty Mike would pull a stunt of this manner as he did the same during the wedding of actor Williams Uchemba and Brunella Oscar where he was escorted to the event by six heavily pregnant women.

His action has attracted condemnation from Nigerians who slammed ladies who allowed their babies to be used for such publicity stunts while others demanded that Pretty Mike’s mental health be checked.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST;

@Drpenking “ Pretty Mike stormed Toyin Lawani’s wedding with over 5 newborn babies and their different mothers and Nigerians were cheering him. When did we start accepting disrespect for women?

@Iykeabani “ This guy should be grabbed and checked if there’s something wrong up there cos this isn’t normal.”

@Topcuiz “ This is no way that this guy is normal.”

@Whalleyton “All for the love of MONEY, no single shame.”

@Osirmah “So nursing mothers in their right senses actually allowed Pretty Mike to use their babies for paparazzi? This is crazy.”

@IamTybaba “ Who released their babies for this Pretty Mike’s stunt ?

@Adekjoh “ God give us money oh, so that our daughters, wife, mothers, sisters, aunt and kids will not go through this charade of lunacy all in the name of putting food on a table. I mean people agreed to this all because they will get paid. My brother hustle oh.”

@Pancaro_3 “ Those women should be ashamed of themselves. But hey it’s Nigeria, anything for the money.”

@Livingrock_E “ Whatever this Pretty Mike guy smokes is bad.”

@Badboy_crystal “ Nothing like a cruise here. It is just pure stupidity.”

@Debark “ What are they trying to prove, sad.”

@AkiMarlin “ Pretty Mike of Lagos attends a function with all his baby mama’s and their kids. Talk out father of Many Nations.”

@Debby2k3 “ Those are not his actual baby mama’s though, it’s all a publicity stunt.”

@SemperRolo “ God please whatever I do or she does, don’t ever let my daughter turn out this way.”

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