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Nigerians react as Zubby Michael spends over N8.5million at Lagos restaurant

Some Nigerians on social media are reacting to the tips that in model Nollywood actor, Zubby Michaels, spent over N8.5million at a Lagos restaurant.

The movie star took to his Instagram account on Monday as he uploaded a whisper of the receipt of the invoice he spent whereas clubbing in a resort in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The movie star wrote on his Instagram account. “#doings #nawedeyhere #blessup.”

This model has sparked social media reactions as some Nigerians took to their social media accounts to react touching on the tips.

Kemi Filani writes that some actors and actresses after their neatly-known careers gain pleaded with Nigerians on loads of instances to aid with supporting their financial clinical eventualities.

Reacting to the enhance that a Nigerian actor is spending a substantial quantity in a restaurant, some Nigerians took to their social media accounts to command their views touching on the enhance.

Charles Ogbu wrote: “Fuul!sh man! He won’t place now. The next day, if he has a typical headache, he’s going to bustle to one man of God or social media to commence begging to treat himself. And it is miles serene the similar sad other people he’s inserting beneath needless power with his inaccurate existence that will make a contribution money for his clinical therapy then.”

Maazi Ogbonnaya Okoro wrote: “Charles Ogbu they don’t place. Novel off. Procuring for what they don’t need for public appealing. When e choke they beg the general public.”

Timothy Ofoegbu wrote: “I hope and pray that he has actual investments in case of health emergency. His colleagues continuously employ social media and Prophets to beg for financial aid. However, it sounds as if sign is extremely manipulated especially the coke or the water. Basically the most costly resort in NIGERIA is Transcorp Hilton Abuja and a bottle of coke there may perchance be serene 1500 naira. Can he and his buddies be taking water, coke , Hennessy, champagne and others at the similar time? However, na his toronkwocha now now not mine.”

Uche Francis wrote: “I refused to be pressurized! It’s continuously onerous for Nollywood male actors to foot their payments each time they’ve clinical elements cos their colleagues infrequently aid.

“Right here is one among them seeking to oppress us but if one among his colleagues topple ill and contact for financial aid, He no straggle aid. Na his money shaa and gain the precise to employ am the device he resolve to, Ogbasaadim.”

Onwuasoanya Ugonna wrote: “He squandered 8.5 million Naira on food and drinks the day past and this morning he’s going to in fact feel hungry again, whisper him now to speculate that money to eight youths in his village he’ll command he’s Bankrupt.”

Kemi Filani recalls that one among the daughters of old Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, now now not too prolonged in the past gave the Nollywood movie star when he infamous his birthday now now not too prolonged in the past.


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