NiMet predicts severe turbulence, flight delays, cancellation


By Faith Yahaya, Abuja

The Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has predicted severe turbulence for airlines during rainfall.

Its Director-General, Professor Mansur Matazu, said turbulence will be one of the implications for airline operators during the rainy season.

The NiMet boss also called on pilots and airline management to adhere to the weather forecast as the likely severe turbulence may cause discomfort, injury to passengers, instability and even loss of control for small aircraft.

Speaking on other activities associated with the onset of rainfall, Matazu said: “Heavy rains could also lead to skidding of aeroplanes due to surface wetness and impaired horizontal visibility.

“Thunderstorms could also lead to accidents, incidents, flight delays, flight cancellation, death, damage among others.

“Windshear could lead to accidents, incidents, aircraft nosedive, discomfort, aircraft lost control and death.”

The NiMet boss urged airline operators to take weather forecast seriously, stating the turbulence normally lasts during a period for which visibility may also be an issue.

He also called on passengers to be patient with the airlines as flight delays, flight cancellations and flight diversion will be experienced within this period.

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