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Nollywood Movie Evaluate: Why “Dubara” Shouldn’t Be In The Cinema


To a colossal extent, movies exhibiting at the cinema are anticipated to meet a selected identical outdated, and while some like, some were absolute disappointment. So the query is; What class does the Nollywood movie “DUBARA” fall into?

Dubara is an adventurous movie that tells the account of numerous persons wanting for a historical artefact known as the Dubara.

The movie started with a historical throwback of how the Dubara modified into lost. From there, the account strikes to a gift scenario where anyone is outwardly attracted to getting this Dubara.

Particular invites are being sent out to other folks who will likely be , and there is a cash trace of 10,000 dollars for whoever finds it. By some skill, most of alternative folks that get the invite aren’t so , and the invites at supreme get to the fingers of seemingly heart-broken other folks savor bus conductors, petty merchants, and all.

There are high characters savor a millionaire businessman who lost all his money and a baby-kisser who modified into robbed off occasion money. There is additionally a corp member there who will attain all she can to get the Dubara, including seducing the coordinator. Does this work for her? Who at supreme gets to search out the Dubara? Did the leisure happen to them within the jungle? Effectively, that you just might perchance want to search out that out your self.

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Starting from the title, “Dubara” there’s something somewhat inquisitive but no longer very animated about it. Yes, it makes one outlandish of what “Dubara” attain, but it undoubtedly isn’t a title that particularly pushes one to explore. Nevertheless, the title is considerable for a author to get upright on story of that is one in every of the serious parts that will power anyone to seem the movie.

The movie started neatly, and with that more or much less introduction, that you just can need to look what would happen within the leisure of the movie and the angle at which the movie would hotfoot.

The manufacturing modified into no longer excellent-wanting, and it wasn’t till later into the movie that it looked savor the listing modified into getting clearer. It’ll also even be a colossal flip off for anyone seeing the movie, plus, for a cinema movie in 2021? That wasn’t substantial. 

The storyline is excellent-wanting, and genuinely, no longer numerous provocative pondering went into the scripting of “Dubara”. It is a long way the aged account of alternative folks wanting for something within the bush, and for a cinema identical outdated, it is a No-No.

Not worthy is predicted from the director, interested by how the storyline is. The author and director tried to operate it a aggregate of comedy and tragedy, but truly, they didn’t like a ultimate shot at that. There were times that you just can doubtlessly query your self what the director modified into making an try to assemble. Nonetheless, in all, the directing modified into excellent-wanting.

The performing too is a long way, and there were numerous “needless” actions that made the movie unamusing one day. Regardless, Brother Shaggy’s performing is commendable and in a technique, he managed to increase the movie.

Dubara as a total is upright a excellent movie that has fully no commerce within the cinema. For rankings, it is a long way going to get a 3/10

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