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Nollywood Movie Review: Find out if “What happened at St. James” is blockbuster or time waster?


What involves your thoughts in the event you peek a movie title like; “What Took space At St. James”? A thriller, comedy or Drama? No topic it is, you are seemingly going to be ordinary about what to keep a query to of? Is that this movie a disappointment or a blockbuster? Well, you are about to hunt out out.

What Took space At St James is a tragedy talking about what occurs in mixed boarding dwelling secondary college. The film starts with the loss of life of an SS3 lady who’s an only runt one among her mother. A college teacher is incriminated, and he is sentenced to detention center for the runt lady’s loss of life.

At final, he is launched on the placement of factual behaviour and a broken assist. One blueprint or the other, it is realized that the incriminated teacher had nothing to style with the girl’s loss of life. He merely took the blame in a repeat to duvet up for the particular killers. The keep a query to then is; if the teacher didn’t abolish the girl, then who did? In opposition to the standard perception that she died from a push, she was as soon as brutally raped and suffocated the loss of life. The invention heightens the suspense in the movie. They discover there would possibly perchance be more to her loss of life than many folks know about. The film items to resolve the mystery in the assist of the loss of life of the girl and the blueprint she died.

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Let’s salvage it from the movie’s title: It’s practically very unlikely to glimpse this form of title and ignore it. There’s this curiosity that the title drives, and that’s a factual one for any movie. The 2d you starting up to scrutinize the film, you are seemingly the tumble in adore. It’s rapid-paced, and the drama starts ethical from the first scene, which shows the girl’s loss of life.

The storyline is trusty and touching. Properly written and effectively delivered.

The refined infusion of comedy in this form of tragic investigative movie was as soon as also a factual one and extremely balanced.

The director also did a factual job. The connection between the past and presence is so seamless. The system the characters prior to now were presented in the level to is also one thing profitable of sigh.

The actors were completely solid, and the synchronization between them was as soon as immense. Fantastic performing, immense storytelling, immense directing. The cinematography and manufacturing total is also factual.

There are, alternatively, some flops here and there, and a few of them are avoidable. For one, students in secondary colleges wear dwelling wears.

So why is it that the students in St James wear dwelling wear but wear one thing else for preparatory lessons? Also, the scene the students were talking in the assist of a dwelling and no-one got here out? It factual didn’t gel effectively.

Past the runt flops, the movie is a immense one price watching. For rankings, it would possibly perchance well perchance most seemingly be a 9/10

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