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Nollywood Movie Review: Is ‘Amina’ a beautiful watch or a complete disaster?


It’s some distance more advanced to be ecstatic when seeing a ancient movie because you are per chance familiar with the storyline. Curiously, some filmmakers include set effort into making ancient movies so bright to search that you’d if truth be told feel akin to it’s seemingly you’ll well even include by no methodology considered the yarn sooner than.

Sadly, some individuals other filmmakers haven’t been in a blueprint to do this. As for the Nollywood movie “AMINA”, what class does it fall into? The honest or the unsuitable?

Nollywood movie “Amina” is a ancient movie of the mighty yarn of Queen Amina of Zauzau. The film pictured her lifestyles as a younger lady, taking pictures her battles, her fancy lifestyles and her bother. Amina had forever been a tricky cramped one who fought for justice and can face anyone. Fortuitously, she had a father who cherished her very indispensable and would hobble to any length to present protection to she and her sister Zaria.

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She chose to plot shut a chum in one amongst the slaves who is additionally the cousin of Prince Danjuma, a prince of one amongst the captured neighbouring cities, and though for some causes, her friendship with her slave buddy turned bitter, Amina soundless cherished her till the end. The yarn is that of betrayal, the search for vitality, fancy, loyalty and destiny. The colossal inquire of is; Did Amina in the raze fulfil her destiny? What did she favor to lose for that to come help to hobble?

The vitality in the major scene is ample to electrify anyone irregular of what the movie is bringing. The soundtrack and the fight in the major scene and the map the characters were launched are ample to electrify you preserve looking out at. But, but again, no longer every film were in a blueprint to plot shut up that rapidly tempo firstly attach. Neatly, for these which were in a blueprint to, they deserve an applaud.

The directing is nice, and the fight scenes especially, appeared staunch. After which the decision of actors became gorgeous ideal. It became seamless and one would possibly per chance also literally read the expressions on their faces. Fact be informed, they did a huge job in interpreting the personality. The cramped Amina is such a excellent actor and she or he particularly embodied that position properly, even as a cramped lady.

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For the storyline, in as indispensable as the history is a properly identified one, the creator knew exactly what portion of Amina’s lifestyles would passion individuals and went for it. The twists, the high moments, the low moments and even the tragedy became properly scripted. Basically, the creator proved that looking out at a ancient movie can preserve you glued akin to you by no methodology heard the yarn sooner than.

To begin with attach of the movie, an inscription states, “at a time when females were subjugated”. On the opposite hand, there became nothing in the movie that portrayed that they subjugated females. Genuinely, the King talked about that they generally protect their females in Zauzau. So, what became the creator pondering?

The cinematography, attach of dwelling, make-up and costume additionally did a honest job, making the movie more vibrant to search.

In all, Amina is a honest look and is one you wouldn’t thoughts looking out at but again and but again. The rankings, yeah? It’s some distance truly getting a 9/10

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