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Not shown in the “Magnificent Century”: how cruelly the Sultan’s concubines eliminated rivals

Chroniclers have actually informed details regarding life in the harem of Sultan Suleiman during the Ottoman Empire. Since there were many women, and the Sultan was one, they had to defend attention and also for being the best of the most effective. Several of the methods were very cruel.

If the toxin did not eliminate the girl, after that it might permanently damage her appearance. As well as with burns as well as marks, the girls can no much longer appear to Suleiman.

Another, less weak, method of eliminating rivals is reports. If a lady in a harem has a bad reputation, Suleiman is not likely to welcome her to his location for an evening of love.

Of course, the collection “Magnificent Age” did disappoint this carefully, yet some stories still confirm the data of chroniclers. For instance, Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska Sultan in the series threatened some of the new favorites of the Sultan, and also managed some personally. As an example, Isabella of Castile strangely went away, they attempted to hang Firuze, and Gulnihal Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska robbed her appeal.

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