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Nothing calms you like money – Reno Omokri

Former presidential media aide, Reno Omokri has stated money is the absolute best tranquilizer.

Omokri, who has become even more popular with his daily dose of assertions and write-ups, emphasised the importance of money in a person’s life.

Specifying different scenarios where money acts as the number one tranquilizer, the popular media personality argued such cases are only that way to further buttress the significant role money plays as a problem solver.

The father of four noted a family can commence a meeting to plan a burial when the oldest family member is present but the meeting can never be concluded until the richest family member surfaces.

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On that basis, Omokri advised his audience and readers to do away with complaining about lack of respect from people and rather go all out to make money in a legitimate way which in turn will attract respect.

Reno Omokri wrote: “Nothing calms you like money. If a big electricity bill comes, you remain calm. School fees are increased, you stay calm. Someone bashes your car, you keep calm. Why? Because money solves problems.

“That is why you should do everything possible to legally make money. Because, while a meeting to plan a burial in a family can start if the oldest family member is in attendance, it can never end until the richest family member is present.

“So stop complaining that people don’t respect you. Go and make money LEGALLY and respect will come!”

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