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Okko released the trailer for the second season of the comedy series Crew 314

The continuation of the show about the trinity of negligent policemen will be released in early February.

Online cinema Okko presented the trailer for the second season of the comedy police series Crew 314 . The main roles in the continuation of the show were again played by Stepan Abramov (“Aunt Marta”), Maxim Kovalevsky (“Without the right to make a mistake”) and Andrey Kharybin (“The Secret of the Iron Door”).

In the center of the plot is the same charming trinity of negligent police officers, who constantly find themselves in the most extravagant situations in the service. In the second season, Sanych ( Kovalevsky ), Valera ( Abramov ) and Lenya ( Kharybin ) will try to relax during the serene days of the summer service, but everything will not go as they planned – they will not be able to relax and enjoy the warm season.

This time, the servants of the law will simply visit the “cursed” apartment 37 again, find the double of the famous singer and save the governor’s anniversary. In addition, in future episodes they will meet a new character – the cook of the local cafe Lyuba, and will also cross paths with their old acquaintance Grandfather (Yuri Gorin).

The show was created by a creative duo of producers Sergei Selyanov (Compartment No. 6) and Maxim Ukhanov (Solar Line).

The second season of Crew 314 will be released in the Okko online cinema on February 1.

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