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Okowa, Nesiama, Kaita, George in race for presidency as AFN set June 8 for congress

Olamide George

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) yesterday released a tentative timetable for the June 14 Elective Congress that would usher in a new board.

According to the timetable sent to World Athletics (WA) by the Secretary General of the AFN, Prince Adisa Adeniyi Beyioku, the extraordinary congress of the Federation where a three-man Electoral Commission will be appointed and inaugurated in accordance with article 7.2.1 of the 2017 AFN constitution, which World Athletics had affirmed will be used to conduct the elections.

The appointment and inauguration of the Electoral Commission will midwife the process for the Elective Congress on Tuesday June 8, 2021 in Abuja.

The AFN scribe stated that State Athletics Associations, who constitute the 37-member Congress have been notified, just as the AFN had sought the approval of the timetable from World Athletics.

“Both the CAA and WA have affirmed that they only recognise the 2017 constitution, which was adopted at the congress on November 16, 2017 with Mr Ibrahim Gusau presiding as the president of the Federation,” Beyioku stated.

Among other things, AFN Extraordinary Congress will hold in Abuja on June 6, while circulars to constituencies to conduct their election will take place on June 9. Obtaining of Nomination forms for the position of the President, Vice President and zonal representatives also take place on June 9.

Submission of elected representatives from all constituencies expect zonal representatives take place on June 11, while June 13 has been set as deadline for submission of nomination form to the AFN Secretary General (Article 7.4.1). AFN elective Congress will hold on June 14.

The Guardian learnt yesterday that Olamide George is battling to get the South-west endorsement, as he eyes the Presidency of the AFN. Also in the race for the Presidency are the chairman of Delta Sports Commission, Tony Okowa, former Technical Director of AFN, Navy Commodore Omatseye Nesiama and a current board member of the federation, Ahmed Isa Kaita.

The duo of Tony Okowa and Olamide George spoke with The Guardian yesterday stating that they have bright chances of emerging as AFN President on June 14.

It was not clear yesterday if Ibrahim Gusau will join the race. He refused to answer several calls to his telephone line yesterday.

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