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One Piece Film Explained: Who is Uta? What Powers Does Uta Have?

One Piece Film: Red has plenty for fans to get delighted about, but the new personality Uta goes to the center of all of it. Unlike the primary characters of previous One Piece films, Uta isn’t an epic old man or maniacal pirate– she’s a renowned idolizer who is attached to Shanks. Allow’s discover all there is to find out about Uta.

Who is Uta?

Uta is a young woman who is known worldwide of One Piece as a cherished pop idol. She was pals with Luffy as a child, as both of them were both in Foosha Village when they were young, though Luffy hasn’t seen her considering that she was handed over at Elegia. Uta is revealed to be the child of the fabulous Emperor Red-Haired Shanks, though she was partly elevated by Gordon once she began staying on Elegia.

What Powers Does Uta Have?

At some point, Uta consumed the Uta no Mi, or the Sing-Sing Fruit. It’s a Paramecia-type fruit that lets Uta transport other peoples’ awareness into a various world via making use of song, though it makes it to make sure that Uta can no more swim, as Devil Fruits grant powers for making you incapable to swim. This power suits her, as she’s already an extraordinary vocalist that has ambitions for developing a far better world.

Is Uta Shanks’ Daughter?

Technically, Uta is not blood-related to Shanks, as completion of the film shows that Shanks as well as his crew located a baby Uta inside a depository that they stole from one more pirate staff. Seeing as this mirrors just how Gol D. Roger discovered Shanks in an upper body as a kid, Shanks saw this as an indication as well as chose to raise Uta as his very own daughter. Even in the direction of the end of Film: Red, Shanks makes it very clear that Uta is his daughter, despite blood, which the Navy will certainly need to go via him as well as his team to obtain her.

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