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Operation Repo TV series: Where is the Cast Now?

‘Operation Repo’ is an amazing TV series that dramatizes and also re-enacts actual occurrences of auto foreclosures in California’s San Fernando Valley. While the incidents revealed on the program are primarily true, ‘Operation Repo’ often fabricates parts of the narrative to make it appear much more significant.

Where Is Sonia Pizzaro Now?

Sonia Pizzaro fired to fame with her look on ‘Operation Repo,’ and ultimately ended up being a part of various other TV shows, including ‘Repo Chick’ as well as ‘World’s Dumbest.’ After ‘Operation Repo’ wrapped up, Sonia took place to appear in the 2016 TV film ‘Operation Sonia: Love Thy Bleeping Neighbor,’ as well as the 2018 film ‘Followed.’ In addition, she even included in the 2016 offshoot TV program ‘Operation Repo: Lou’s Revenge.’ Regrettably, on May 9, 2018, Sonia suffered a sudden stroke and had to be promptly hospitalized. Her relative introduced the incident on Instagram, and also in June 2018 stated that she was back residence as well as gradually on her means towards healing. Sonia has welcomed privacy because after that as well as rarely posts on social media, she seems to be leading a satisfied life bordered by her enjoyed ones, and we want her the best for the future.

Where Is Lyndah Pizarro Now?

While Lyndah was one of the primary cast participants of ‘Operation Repo,’ visitors will certainly be interested to understand that she also worked as a makeup artist for the production. She possesses and operates her clothing brand, Pink Pizza, while her cosmetics business, Lyndahface, now shows up to be defunct.

Where Is Froylan ‘Froy’ Tercero Now?

In addition to appearing in ‘Operation Repo,’ Troy was a part of ‘Repo Chick,’ ‘Operation Repo: The Movie,’ and ‘Operation Repo: Lou’s Revenge.’ Additionally, he appeared as himself in the TV series ‘LeagueOne: In the Spotlight!,’ and also plays Ceaser in the 2020 motion picture ‘Federal Execution.’ In 2022, Troy became a part of the fascinating docudrama Surviving Sunset an Actor’s Hollywood trip,’ while resources mention that he looks like Fred in a forthcoming flick ‘Ride or Die,’ which is presently in post-production. Besides his profession in the show business, Troy has relatively accumulated a satisfied life surrounded by his close ones and also typically articles on social media to keep his followers updated. Besides, Troy even preserves a solid bond with his daddy, and also the two celebrated the latter’s birthday celebration in September of 2022. It is heartfelt to witness Troy satisfied, and also we wish success never avoids him in the near future.

Where Is Matt Burch Now?

Matt Burch is a pretty widely known name in the enjoyment market and has functioned on several prominent manufacturings, including ‘Mariano Big Dawg’s Corner,’ ‘Repo Chick,’ ‘Operation Repo: The Movie,’ ‘Crustacean,’ and also ‘Mythica: A Quest for Heroes,’ among others. While sources mention that Matt is working as a crucial wrangler for the upcoming motion picture ‘Go West,’ he likewise appears as Mitch in ‘Ride or Die,’ which is presently in post-production.

Where Is Carlos Lopez Now?

We are sorry to report that Carlos, that was additionally an expert of the United States Army, passed away at his Los Angeles apartment on June 24, 2018. His mommy also put up a remembrance blog post on social media, and Carlos is missed to this really day.

Where Is Ronnie Lee Now?

After Operation Repo, Ronnie took place to look like Polo on the TV series ‘One Ten’ and belonged of various other productions, including ‘It’s About Time,’ and ‘Game Shakers.’ In 2019 Ronnie stepped into the shoes of the character Tyrie in the Oscar-winning short movie Skin,’ before going on to play Kurtis Striker in ‘Federal Execution,’ Agent Jackson in ‘Medicine Man, and a commander in ‘Warhammer-Pre Space Marines.’ Today, aside from producing, directing, as well as editing short films, Ronnie has been entailed with the films ‘The Sweepers,’ as well as ‘The Charisma Killers,’ both of which are in post-production. Besides, he keeps a close bond with his household and also has actually developed a pleased life for himself.

Where Is Luis ‘Lou’ Pizarro Now?

At present, Luis has actually been functioning as the exec producer of the upcoming TV flick ‘Way of the Empty Hand,’ and as an associate manufacturer of the short movie ‘Four Hour Layover in Juarez,’ which is still in post-production. He also maintains an intimate bond with his family and frequently blog posts heartwarming articles of the memories they make on social media.

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