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Paget Brewster: This is what the actress who played Emily Prentiss in Criminal Minds looks like now

Paget Brewster ‘s life has been as interesting as its characters. From her early days on Friends to her performance on Another Period today, she has wowed audiences around the world. Her beauty and her talent are a source of pride for an actress who does not let herself be defeated by time or by the aesthetic canons of Hollywood.

Brewster is known for her remarkable acting performances, but acting isn’t her only talent. Interestingly, before she became the star she is today, Paget Brewster had her own late-night show of hers. The show, called The Paget Show, aired in the 1990s and ran for 65 episodes. Fortunately for her fans, she decided to pursue a career in acting instead of hosting.

Many actors choose to invest in higher education to develop their craft. Paget Brewster is no different, as she studied at the Jean Shelton Acting Studio. However, her upbringing is actually much more diverse than that of other artists. In addition to her acting education, Brewster studied at Parsons School of Design. She decided to drop out of design school after starting acting professionally in her first year.

Paget Brewster affirms that no matter how old a woman can still be sexy

Some fans will be pleased and some will be dismayed, but the fact remains that Paget Brewster turned down the chance to pose for Playboy . Apparently, Hugh Hefner sent her a handwritten note asking her to pose for the magazine. After spending time considering the offer, Ella Brewster decided not to take the modeling job.

With her work on Criminal Minds, Friends and Another Period, Paget Brewster has established herself as one of television’s most talented and beloved actresses . While her characters are intriguing, her personal life is just as interesting. She had a number of career aspirations before becoming an actress, including being a designer, presenter, and musician. She even had the opportunity to pose for Playboy at one point. Fortunately for her fans, she eventually turned to acting and forged the remarkable career she is known for today, showing everyone that the passage of time is all about experience and learning.


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